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A cute chihuahua who cant stop waving [...] Here are some funny animal photobombs! If you are looking for Teacup Puppies don't look any further because you are in the right place. We specialize in Teacup Puppi [...]
Follow us on our walk to the park! The doggies love to take long walks and we recently discovered a nice park not too far from us. Hope you guys enjoy the video!!\r\r♥ YOUTUBE ♥ \r♥ INSTAGRAM [...]
Learn how to make an authentic teapot cake. I will take you through every step you need to take, in order to re-create this beautiful cake at home. This is a bright spring teapot cake.\r\rALL THE PROD [...]
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Le Chihuahua, c’est le plus petit chien du monde ! Sa taille : entre 15 et 20 cm seulement et il ne pèse pas plus de 3 kg ! Doté d’un poil long, doux et brillant, le Chihuahua possède une petit [...]
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