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Meine wunderschöne Chihuahua-Hündin ♥♥♥ Sie heißt Amy und ist meine geliebte Tricolor Chihuahua-Prinzessin. Wenn du Sie magst, dir meine Videos oder Chihuahuas allgemein…


Eko Suhartono says:

very cute doggy, great experiences.

Leslie Soliman says:

Cute Pet! I love chihuahuas! It’s lovely!

shpritzaru says:

the chihuahua is so funny when running, nice dog

11ineta11 says:

very lovely pets and cool video

Tincu Mihai-Liviu says:

Pets are so cute and in this video we can watch this one!
This dog breed is very precious and cute, I like this video!

flaxiu says:

smart and cute pets, i like chihuahuas, adorable animals

Biljana SS says:

So cute. Chihuahuas are very smart and lovable animals.

Sabri Shaf says:

Love your dog really cute and adorable.

Nikolov Borce says:

Wow this is very good video , i really like it :) 

TheWeeknd20 says:

Omg i love your tattoos and your dog is soooooo cute!!

SanjaN says:

I love very much dog and this is so cute.

Slavica Spasova says:

For the first time I am watching this kind of video about chihuahua and it
is realy interesting

Refat Imam says:

Wow! Nice pupppppy

neschka38 says:

Dog is adorable. Together they look so sweet!

Sashko Todorov says:

Video of a guy filming his chihuahua dog

Ivy Victoria says:

Cute puppy, i adore animals and your video is so interesting

thu thuy Nguyen says:

very good! i like it

tatjana hristova says:

great experiences , chihuahua its interesting

Sabri Shaf says:

Very cute dog you have there, i want it.

rob con says:

the song chihuahua is strong !

boudjdj says:

I liked this video and encourage David Keller because the chihuahua enjoy
walking better than the living room.

priit Paluste says:

nice dog

shanleeist says:

Certified 100% cuteness,such adorable dog.

Nikola Todoroski says:

the funniest puppy i have seen

Thulasi R Das says:

verycute dog but the video was very short

Agripinex Marreco says:

Really a cute dog man ! I like it

Francesco Nativo says:


sami Khatri says:

very nice

Francesco Nativo says:

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