1 day old chihuahua puppies

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Sophie’s 2nd litter born 8-9-07.


Newbpwng says:

well i think their camouflage works pretty much like zebras when they stand
i a herd its difficult for predators topick out single cow becouse they all
blend into 1 shape

QTPatootiee says:

mexican doggies fighting over a nipple <3 aww x]

DarkPassionDog says:

@rescuechick81 Eew .. Quit it .. Disturbing …

Dorothea S says:

I am a Teacup Chihuahua owner. I have 2. Chiquito who is 13 yrs old that my
nephew gave me 5 years ago and Rupert who was given to me one year ago, as
the owner had a new baby and Rupert was too needy. If I could, I would
adopt all the little dogs I could. I will always love my little “rat dogs”.
They are so loving and smart. I will never have another big dog again.
Loving my teacups!

Emilie Marie says:

mhm, 11, all in one litter. i should really post a vid with pics.

BellaEdwardJacob1000 says:

can a 5 month old chihuahua have puppies?! cuz my cousin’s 5 month old
chihuahua is pregnant!!!

nicky nini says:

@kkfan1999 yeaah they really look like mini cows hahaha

Samantha Eccleston says:

sophie has a cute face and i like her babies markings :)

monicaviviana1000 says:

LOOKY LOOK MINI COWS!!!!!!!!!!! :] :D

6MadTongue6AJ says:

My Love

Ritercrazy says:

Wonderful to see and enjoy, thanks tons.

704matt says:

whats creepier the way the lady talks to the dog at the begining of the
video or the dog eating poop at the end? i think the lady wins it. an the
weird ass nipples get an honorable mention

Sourceguy1 says:


tigeress915 says:

their dad is probobly black

red99able says:

So tiny so cute! they kinda look like cows except 5 millon times smaller :D
so adorable! ♥♥♥♥♥

creewithlivlove07 says:

omg that is so adorable

Chloe Faith says:


Aspire198 says:

lol during ww1 they thought of that, its called cubism ( atleast i think
thats how you spell it)

FoxDragon1 says:

Those puppies are so cute ^.^

tdsmeg4 says:

i think its not good to do that to your dog on purpose its better to let
them make the decision and its ok to not let her get fixed but if you leave
her that way she might get puppies just think it over carefully and at age
7 its getting old but i think she could still have puppies but please think
over her feelings and you can take her places or get a boy dog and they
could have puppies together if they decide too

Mimis says:

that dog look like my dog blossom

Aapskiller1 says:

@rescuechick81 wow dick, stfu??? dont comment on someone just breathing!
Its an awesome vid – cant believe those dogs r so small. Super Cute!!!

IscreamforICP says:

lol bro your in the background “your such a good girl…such a good girl”
like your possesed i dunno if this vid is cool or cute cant decide so good

2FLYfurU says:

the mama is just chillin….

cocakolaclubpenguin says:

there dad must of been black lol

Sandy Prater says:

Oh! They’re so adorable. And the other poster is right….they do look like
little mini cows. LOL

whatthepoopo says:

Awh. (: I have a chiuhuha too. And we want to get her pregnant but she is 7
and has never had puppies, do you think it is too risky to impregnate her?

DaxB92 says:

that guy saying ‘such a good girl… such a good girl’ at the start of the
video sounds so creepy its like he impregnated that dog himself o_o cute
stuff though…

MsHellokittyfan10 says:

aaww i want one of the lil moomoos :D

66912280 says:

Dog breeders are some of the dirtiest, creepiest, cruelest, greediest, most
hateful people you will ever meet. Don’t deal with them. Go to a shelter

1999luke2 says:

lol mommy is smileing XD!!lol

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