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Active little rolly-polly puppies with mama Hannah. More information on puppies for sale at www.chihuahuasweelove.com.


Lunadrako says:

Those puppies are huge for one week,

Tammy Genaille says:

beautiful puppies. I have a black & white chihuahua and was afraid to breed
her. But would love to have another one.

timothy mclaughlin says:

How often, or how many of your pups are born with the open molera? I bought
a chihuahua a few months ago and had to sign a form that I acknowlaged that
she basically had a hole in her head…The vet says it is common in this

motormouthindustries says:

Oh beautiful pups, beautiful mother…… Unique name…Annabella,….but I
like it. Bam-Bam ha ha. Rolly-polly is just the perfect description for
them. I want one sooooo bad but Im not allowed one where I
live……sigh….I love them all!!! did they all go to good homes? And do
you know their new names? So cute when the one yawns…. So funny about the
stuffed toy…..smart…

Linda J-Chihuahuas Wee Love says:

You’re right Justin…they ate like little “porkers” too!

Ash WizardFetish says:

that chihuahua mom looks preaty mad

luvnmychitequila says:

how young can you take a chihuahua home? i heard 8 weeks but also 6 weeks
as well

TheMIssingSock says:

BAH! Mama was like, Bitch, back off!

Linda J-Chihuahuas Wee Love says:

Depends on where and who you get the chihuahua puppy from as to what age
they let them go… As a reputable Chihuahua breeder, mine are always 10-12
weeks old. By that age they are up to date on all shots, eating well and
have been working on their piddle pad training. Even though they are
weaned, those extra few weeks of maturity make all the difference when they
go to their new home. Due to their sm size and molera (or soft spot) on the
head – just like a newborn baby, it’s better to wait.

Michelle1096 says:


ilovemydogs0112 says:

very butiful

Hans021220 says:

I LOOOOOOVE Chihuahuas and aim for getting one myself,hopefully 2.I am not
going to let them breed thou.

dany o says:

So cuteeeeeeeee sweety!!!

mswhadyathink says:

@randyamanda225 to make money and get the dogs sold cuz by that picture
where ever they are looks very small and they need to sell them so yeah now
u know why.

Dilaxan Nathan says:

How come all the babies got different colours from their mom

PrettyMami21 says:

those puppies are bigger than i thought they would be

xxjustin53xx says:

lol they look like gunie pigs! haha

jonasbrothersjonas1 says:


Linda J-Chihuahuas Wee Love says:

@laidlawslolita …Chihuahuas are the only breed that I know have an open
molera and your vet is correct in saying “it is common in this
breed”…just like a soft spot on a babies head.As the puppy grows many
times it does close up but a small percentage may not.

Linda J-Chihuahuas Wee Love says:

Chihuahuas unlike most other breeds can have a variety of colors in the
same litter. That’s what I love about raising them…it’s always a pleasant

kailazoe13 says:

aww so adorable!…… : )

MsMissyPixie says:

So adorable!! That was really sweet what Momma did with the stuffed toy.

Linda J-Chihuahuas Wee Love says:

Sorry, we don’t give any puppies away.

randyamanda225 says:

sale i mean…. : (

randyamanda225 says:

why would you give her puppies away? : (

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