3 Day old Chihuahua/Daschund Baby

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The mother of this baby died 3 days ago from a heart attack while giving birth of this baby and his 2 sisters. Unfortunately his 2 sisters died also. So now …


warmon6 says:

sorry to hear that he didn’t survive. also thanks for the comment last
month about my dog passing away. Well at least i moved on. Just got another
dog from the local animal shelter today. He’s a 1 year old “American
English Coonhound”. Surprisingly he’s acting a lot like a my old dog was.
Anyways I may get some video of him. Well i wish you the best.

Horseloverrr999 says:

is he doing ok?

Horseloverrr999 says:

oh im so srry:( I just bought a dappled dachshund today:) But nice try
trying to keep it alive

wolfygurlX3 says:

wait who died and thats a sad story i wish i could help but i cant cuz i
dont live where u live ithink

Dominique Beilschmidt says:

OMG!!! im so so sooooo srry to hear that the mom and sissters died godbless
u for ur hard work and williness i hav a possible pregnate dachshund
godbless u

wattsupdachs says:

I am also sorry to hear that mommy died. Does this little girl/boy look
more like a dachsund or a chihuahua? Looks color wise like the chi or maybe
a piebald? Hope the puppy is thriving!

Squirp says:

Nope it died a few days ago =(

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