9 week old Chihuahua puppy playing

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Keno our 9 week old chihuahua puppy playing and growling and barking! It’s pretty cute! :)


SabrinasTVTube says:

Any update video on him?

timpos546 says:

Aww i used to do that to my little chihuahua and it was super fun, now he
just bites me :P 

nat madeira says:


Emily Davis says:

so im guessing their ears purk up at about 8th week?

Rajiv Debie says:

looks like he was attacking rather than playing

SilverBreath25 says:

Just got a 2 month old chihuahua and she doesn’t make a noise



Dustin Jordan says:

I loved how the puppy barked

Daisy Kathleen says:

So precious

Gabby Gabby says:

My chihuahua chloe was right here when the puppy was barking And she
lookedd at the acreen And chloe looks just like them lol And awwwwww

Brittany Horan says:

to tell someone to go kill them selfs on a dog video is immature! grow up
you Assholes! Dont EVER tell someone to kill themselfs’! you dirtbags!

MrRagecandy says:

All i can say is DAWWWW

DonMacorli says:

I hate chihuahuas but this is adorable!

Mya Holt says:


BlackWidow146 says:

I adore chihuahuas

Juan Ibarra says:


Juan Ibarra says:

Melanie haw is yuo is a bebi doG

dawson crawford says:

yes i know ur a suicidal rat frazzhd

TuQuick Spain says:

How about you shut up Andes go report to your rat overlords

RavenAdri says:

go kill yourself.

Jamie T says:

The strangest thing ever is that I have a dog that looks almost exactly
like that 1 and its also named riley

kkookkoo16 says:

how about you go kill yourself.

MONKEYDLUFFY235498 says:

can he make babies wit females

AoiTheLaughingMan says:

These are cuteeeeeeeenesss

Amalia Manaois says:

9 week old chihuahua playing: Dog Lovers
9 week old Chihuahua puppy playing

Chihuahua Wardrobe says:

Check out this video of an adorable 9-week old apple head pup playing on
the floor.

lem0ngrass09 says:

so ugly

Noha Haikal ---romantic music - natutre - kittens - puppies - flowers - says:

Emma Jansen says:

so cute

emilie lynch says:

sooo lovely and cute, i have one male and two female chihuahuas for
sale,please contact me if interested in one.Thanks

Race Pro Kid says:

I can’t believe you are that stupid. 1. Some do if you get an untrained one
and don’t train them. I have never had a dog that barks in the middle of
the night. 2. Are you really that stupid? Ticks don’t make smell. 3. How do
you know if you’ve never had a dog? What are these “horny dogs”? Not all
dogs are bad. Some are good, some are perfect. It’s like saying you hate
girls because they are always spending money, whining and being annoying.
But not all do. It all depends on their personality.

rbeun says:

It’s not that we care at all about a single persons typing. It’s because we
can’t believe that someone in this country could be as illiterate as you
are. In the 6th grade you should at the very least be able to formulate a
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spell noise, or neighborhood. Hell, at the very least, you know how to use
spell check on your computer by now, right? Spend a little more time
looking at what you’re doing. It’s not that hard.

Shoupaw paw says:


rbeun says:

Yeah, but your not learning anything, are you?

dashayah star says:

they dnt all ways make nosie out side and it depends on the type of fur

marian nyitrai says:


blanca quintana says:

The puppies mom looks like my my dog Chloe and my dog Chloe is having
puppies and my dog Susi too

Rob steeg says:


Alex says:

the mom looks like a corgie

Chersgifts Dubray says:

sooooooooooooooo cute

supercatsndogs1 says:

So cute!!!

Walter Hulshof says:

i like it sideways!!!

kanine hunter says:

look ,I just dont like dogs. and when i mean the smell I mean the ticks get
then they get sick the start stink. and dogs always bark at night becuse
someone else’s dog starts barking then another one starts .then another,
then another,then another.

rbeun says:

Okay, okay, relax. Next time you’ll pay more attention then, right? People
that talk or spell incoherently aren’t taken seriously. Now you know.

DanielleLatosa says:

Ahaa ;3 Thanks Boo .

Kolbey Burse says:


charles house says:


therealweereilly says:

And that makes me want to kick you, psycho.

therealweereilly says:

Can you please flip the video next time? Cute puppy and older dog too!
Thanks for sharing!

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