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All included I have 2 600 watt lights running at 550 once for under 300 bucks for everything including light bulbs... Would love to know what people think! f... [...]
Little Mia slept for 12 hours and had all kinds of energy! [...]
Our new baby puppy, Leah, is playing with a shoe and a hand. Prepare to die of cuteness overload. [...]
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PDF Online Teacup Art? And Reflections Joyce Wilkens Premium Book Online Download here [...]
My chihuahua humping a teddy bear, Check out my other videos of her doing other crazy things. Please share this video with everyone! [...]
Chihuahua Gets Massage Dog winks at the camera as he relaxes while getting head massage Chihuahua C Follow us for continuous updates dog Chihuahua. The best ... [...]
Here's little Coco the chihuahua, having a larger than life strop with me on the sofa... But we're friends really!! Man, we know how to rock on a Friday nigh... [...] hello, I am a tea cup t-cup puppy breeder in Korea. I have beautiful and healthy t-cup puppies. I ha... [...]
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