Adopted black and tan chihuahua X puppy

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Born 10 February 2010. Brought her home 11 April 2010. My baby girl, I named her Neutrino. 9 weeks old in this video Weight: 3lbs The marks you maybe have no…


HowToDraw says:


Josh Ya says:

Looks exactly like my 100% AKC Chihuahua pup.

RoRoSoNa says:

Looks exactly like my puppy 

r6RidEr03 says:


DodgyJonny says:

aha ah little puppie, wahahababa

tribalrose7 says:

Looks like my puppy :-) look at my video of him and my chocolate lab.

JamVSpeanutbutter says:

I had a puppy exactly like this but yesterday she ran away ;-; her name was

southkoreaeatsdogs says:

I’m getting a chihuahua puppy soon . I’m gonna get a brown one .

MCnerdforXBOX says:

Hate to break it to you but a black and tan and a chihuahua could never
mate. go and get some education before you try to prove someone wrong
*stupid people*

mykal brown says:

i have 3 black wolves that are fully grown and there cuter them this puppy
but i have a small tea cup puppy and the wolves didn’t hurt it at all they
treated it like it was part of the pack

KoskosEhecatl says:

That’s how my Chihuahua, Thor looked like, when he was a pup. He’s still
small and adorable but I do miss his even smaller size and ears.

coleenstephanie says:

So cute

Crystal Nelson says:

Looks just like my Brutis!!! She’s soooo cute! It was super easy to teach
mine tricks and potty train, I love him so much!!

mermaidchihuahua10 says:

I have a puppy like that! :)

kathy says:

she is so cute she reminds me ofmy old dogs tasha lilo peggy pepper
jr.chocalote and maggie chewy patches the all past away they were a happy
family but then an sickness kill them the only surviers where the Dad
Pepper and His friend Lola which we rasied too R.I.P. always in me heart
tasha and pepper are parents of maggie 1st,lilo peggy2nd twins,panda3rd
which i have with me and her friend cookie oh and chewy my friend gave me
him patches was my old dog lola my got for me

aquastripe says:

have you seen Baverly hills chihuahua? ive seen both you can on youtube
too! just type part one two etc.

TigerCurse16 says:

Awwww it’s so sad like at 3:06 but it’s so cute :)

kathy says:

yes these where all my dogs my dad send all of them to guatmela expect
cookie daisy and panda

Lauryn Oates says:

I’m getting one like this named Madison(Maddie) and a white one named
Emily(Emmy) And a black one named Peyton my 3 girls I’m getting on Christmas

kathy says:

oh i forgot daisy was my second dog my best she was ran over by a car i was
only seven why

Maribel Chavez says:

AWWW! :3 your dog kind of looks like my dog her name is Molly.

Hailey Huebner says:


william kirschbaum says:

@rylraven13 omg she looks like my dog my dog and mines a chorkie!!! shes
like not even 1 pound

Hypatia Terran says:

She’s not a JRT, she’s a mutt. And yes, she is nice.

chktat says:

cute puppy

Yured1000 says:

I got a tan female chihuahua!

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