Amazing Dog Birth – Chihuahua giving

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Her follow up sweet and funny story: Viewer discretion is advised. Amazing video of Chihuahua giving birth. This s…


boredhahaindeed says:

Lol all I can think is WOW THATS SO NASTY and then you see its a living
kicking puppy and its just like wow thats beautiful

Leneea Simpson says:

omg! this is soooo cute :) wht was the thing that the last pup had around
him? The thing that looked kinda like a bubble?

Leneea Simpson says:

aww :-) this was so cute

Kammber Rain says:

………does suomebody need a hug? jk I agree?

def2fyn says:

my chihuahuas ready to pop ! shes huge so im thinking she might have four :]

shyanne rios says:

That was beautifully gross and wonderful I picked after I saw this
though……here I go again

yappywestie says:

So cute cxx

yuniyami yap says:


MrBrainfreeze300 says:

aww they look like mini cows

Sacred Heart says:

There like so so adorable

Katani Holt says:

I was worried about that one puppy… But they are so cute! Now I want a

Termy says:

AWWWW the baby trying to speak was the cutest moment of all! That little
voice was so cute. Thumbs up if you agree!

Mel V says:

Amazing! I wish I would’ve seen my chihuhua be born but I got him at 3
months old. I need more chihuhuas!!!

Lovisa Gustafsson says:

I was like: PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! :c

XoOKatKatOoX says:

this is so beautiful may god bless the beauty of nature and the rescuers
that rescued her so she could have her babies i can imagine my chihuahua in
a little bag like that hes on my lap its amazing that brave chihuahua
warrior having birth on her own without the dad its hard

witch31witch says:


SnowjobTheCat says:

Thank you for being so kind and saving this little family. It’s a shame how
many disgusting people there are out there. I was dumped, too, and luckily
now I have a loving family who spoils me.

ThoughtsBecomeThings says:

No way I would take all the black and white ones go to my channel and find
out why

lillaurielue says:

Aww poor momma

turtlepanda99 says:

I’m glad you helped pull the sac around the puppy, if you didn’t the puppy
could’ve died. Most people wouldn’t do it because it is, “too gross” :)
good job to you and little momma

SirKevinMartin says:

That was disgustingly cute.

BlackRose57948 says:

If this dog was shipped to North Idaho (Priest River) this is the dog I
adopted. She looks EXACTLY like her and her puppies too look like the ones
that were with her. Lucy is her name if that’s her, it would be awesome if
it was.

Lily Leyden says:

aww so cute! they sound like the pacman theme song lol

Lacey Sampson says:

I dont know anything about it but Ive heard it takes alot of work and
patience to breed a teacup..

thedogrescuers says:

Your story touched my heart. Yes, every time I rescue an animal a part of
me get rescued. I get you. Well, you deserve to be spoiled. XOXO Please
check out her follow up story…it will make you laugh. You will totally
get this one too. Good luck and thank you for your kindness. The link is
listed in the description above THX

rebornsforlife123 says:

this is so cute like why would any 1 dislike it i can see maby when the dog
lickes the sack part of a little desterbing but its betuful to see a preety
dog give birth

ltcnunez says:

My daughter Cadence is almost due in 1 day Sunday on mothers day im scared
exited and everything at once she is a chiguagua and i could never swe
myself abandoning her in a time like this she looks so sad and confused
especially since the puppies started to move in her belly :( so shame on
people who abandoned that poor chiguagua and may God bless all of those who
rescue animals :)

Musegrl12 says:

If I had ever seen an abandoned dog, no matter what any one said I would
rescue it! The new born pup coming out looked like a puppy on a canister!

XoOKatKatOoX says:

thanks so much for rescuing her i wish there were more people like you so
that they could realize the beauty of animal life

Tetush97 says:

It’s so cute but nasty!!! D:

tyresewatts2000 says:

Wow she’s a brave mommy

Rigal04 says:

So beautiful (: I can not wait for my dog to have her puppies :)

Angelique Fernandez says:

Gross oh she got it but theyre soooooo cute

Jesse Betancourt says:

cuz it’s too nasty that’s why and don’t worry I disliked it too :)

AmericanTaco1 says:

Placenta is the elastic like stuff around the puppy

Denise Billings says:

what a good mom and the videos of her with the pitt puppy are adorable :)

dmonreal34 says:

The placenta is what the.babys.feed on

Dangelly Archbold says:

Ahhh, birth its so amazing if its a dog giving birth becuz i already knows
what to.

wrapseaweed says:

What cute pups! I have a chihuahua of my own. :3

Ally A. says:

thumbs up if u love the birth of dogs

ToffeeGirl96 says:

There is such thing as Tea cup chihuahua’s I know someone that breeds them

Marissella25 says:

Omg! I’ve never seen an animal actually give birth! This was so gross..and

Alizee Cosmee says:

awwwwwwwwwwwww its sooooooooooooo sweet yur such kind ppl <3

poptartdom says:

took a long time to get that amniotic sac off

LunaMizuki8806 says:

What was that green stuff?

kelly santillan says:

wow this was so amazing

blinkett says:


Jemdapple says:

It is needed to make the puppies start breathing. If she didn’t do that the
puppies will suffocate and die. :)

Kammber Rain says:

even thought I kno it is natural for dogs to eat the sack their babies come
from, that’s probably what they don’t like…bleck I dont like seeing that
but it is all magical!

msbellairene says:

@cherrybloom22 no my dog only had intercourse once and has two puppies in

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