Amazing Male Seahorse Giving Birth, Having Babies, Gives Birth

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Pregnant male Seahorse giving birth! Tags: seahorse giving birth baby babies sea horse breeding mating dance spawning how to …


Andrea Strebin says:

Seahorse having babies

turbo ek says:

the males carries the eggs, he does not give birth; it may seems as if he
is giving birth the reason why is after the egg is transfer to him his
“thing” seals up so the egg could be protected and he have to push it out,
thats why it seems like he is giving birth

FoxGamer says:

Amazing video ^_^

ZoMb3LL3DarkAngel says:

Will the babies survive? :D

BM's Aquatics says:

great footage

MT5792 says:

LOL gurl men become big babies when they get a cold or catch the flu?! You
really want them giving birth? LOL

william worden says:

Man he gave birth FAST

curiouscharese says:

Too bad they don’t care for the babies afterwards.

Canadian Aqua Farm says:

I agree!

jason21602 says:

thats the male giving birth right?

Canadian Aqua Farm says:

Yes, it is the male that gives birth. In the video you can also see the
female watching the babies come out. It is amazing to see the pair bond
between two seahorses. They are one of the few fish that mate for life. I
also posted a video of the female laying eggs in the male’s pouch.

Jackson Vasquez says:

I wanna squeeze all those babies in between my fingers.

Canadian Aqua Farm says:

Thanks CoolRay001!

Canadian Aqua Farm says:

That’s a good way to describe it :)

nizidibi says:

That was instructive. So there IS a female and she puts eggs into the male
for protection basically. I always thought that the seahorse was capable of
doing alone all the job for procreation.

Canadian Aqua Farm says:

Thanks bm20197! I was waiting by that tank for days to capture the actual
moment of birth.

manimook01 says:

They look like worms

Rah-Shawn Hill says:


Canadian Aqua Farm says:

They are saltwater. I have seen freshwater pipe fish but never a freshwater

RavynSkye1 says:

“The “thing” seals up so the egg could be protected and he has to push it
out…” You just described the process of him GIVING BIRTH. If you eject
babies from your body, you are giving birth. Usually, males put their sperm
in females to fertilize eggs. Seahorses, the female puts her eggs into his
pouch so his sperm fertilizes them, and then HE gives birth to the babies
who developed in HIS body.

Majesz Clot says:

Their babies are tiny!! Cute ^_^

Malissa Beniman says:

It’s like aww what a relief….now only if men can get pregnant.

KrazyPolak87 says:

It’s sneezing out babies

Laura Hung says:

Wow, so many

graciela urciga says:

soy la nieta de eya y el bideo esta colt

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