Amazing Puppy Birth (Part 1)

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Watch a pregnant Boxer named JuneBug in labor expecting 4 Boxer puppies give birth (welping) !!! ! Here is the time of birth for the 4 puppies: Red Female 3:…


darthkahn45 says:

It’s funny how Boxers are known for how they never grow up but when it
comes to being a mum it just comes naturally like they have done it a
thousand times.

Ellie Critchley says:

Aww so lush xx so glad myn is having some x

jesseytoh toh says:

Awesome .
Just look at her face .
She’s so adorable.

Cat Butler says:

that is so cute!

Nina Luu says:

Aww an oh my i thought the dog was eating the puppy’s leg xD

Ádám Incze says:


DopeBoysProd says:


illadelphia7 says:


liza milburn says:

I came across these videos today . I then realized that this mommy has the
same name as our boxer……wierd

Patrick Hightower says:

What a beautiful girl you have!

SemikoQ says:

0:42 – 0:50 inhale,exhale,inhale,exhale. wait, not too fast!!!

sha drgn says:

ok at 0:50 i almost laughed becus of her cheeks

Devon Black says:

0:45 is her trol face

Sobianful says:

It’s great that she let you to capture it. Some dog-mothers won’t let
anyone (human or dog) while she’s borning. Hey, but it’s boxer, they’re
most chilled out dogs evha xP

Joshua Rodriguez says:

thats so kutee

biobiobio7777 says:

Crap…do you help your dog when she’s giving birth or do you let nature
takes its course. Cuz…I wanna know what to do should something like this
happen D:.

PowerRuffBoy says:

i love how the video starts with her staring at the camera…

Calyn45 says:


Pamela Benson says:

Thats so cute but at 2:02 it looks like she is eating the puppy

walter gonzalez says:

There is the money!!

KayMarie2001 says:


spotyman1 says:

this is gross but cute

Andrea Becker says:

I love her look right before the 1st puppy comes out. It’s like, “Oh god.
Here we go.”

romina cucchiarelli says:

increible video….me encanto!!!!!!

Bunnie Hop says:

wt 0:50 ?

mariah4ever says:

bravo mammy

abigirl01 says:

omg i love her face to cute

Dawn Irvine says:

♡I have 2 boxers and want you have a boxer you’ll never want another breed!
They are hilarious, loving, 100%commited to their people, and when youu
have been really, loveed by a Boxer, your Soul will never be the same ♥

MegaAlly99 says:

i have a question (pls do not take this as a offence =) : um do you help
the dog or let if do it’s job because my dog is giving bitrh to pups.

Jack Feldman says:

so cute!

gaaragirl gaara says:

unless yougot a mixed like my chester i only once had a female old black
lab named lucky

courtney peevy says:

That is amazing how quickly the mother reacted to the birth :)

Dinkleman T says:

i have one so gross though

Danny O says:

MMMMMMMM…..tastes like chicken.

sanglaerken says:

i always thought that it was the owners that cut the umbilical cord!

morenita gonzalez says:


armadygodsword1858 says:

i love how the mother already knows what to do in that situation its unreal
no one walked her threw it just she knew what to do why cant humans be like

konohamarutard says:

amazing video indeed! :)

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