Audi 2014 Big Game Commercial – Doberhuahua

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For this year’s Big Game, Audi has conceived a never-before-seen creature to show the frightening consequences of bringing compromise into the world. The com…


sagat4 says:

I hate the A3 it is ugly and cramped and is usually driven by sales men in
the UK. Funny ad by the way ;) 

John Kilroy says:

i got scared

Malia Smith says:

I have never laughed at a commercial so hard in my life!!! Omfg I was
crying! “doberhuahua! Aaaah!!!” I lost it when Sarah McLaughlin was getting
her guitar chewed! Best flipping commercial ever!

wisdomleader85 says:

I like this commercial. It cracks me up every time I watch it.

Duane Gluck says:

I was crying I was laughing so hard!
#superbowl #audi #commercial #laugh #smile 

MaxZagar says:

Commercial targeting American Minds.

It seems to work … Totally GMO brainwashed people.

Shewolf says:


BioniclesaurKing4t2 says:

Scrappy Dappy Do! He’s coming after you!

Kathryn Pilant says:

that is wrong on so many levels

CloudchaserShaconag says:

About the disclaimer seen at 0:53. Don’t attempt what? Driving down the

van hill says:

Ok I like this commercial

Brian Griffin says:

This is the dumbest super bowl commercial ever…

Harold Combs says:

Nothing caught on fire today, so here’s a Doberhuahua for your trouble.

Kelline Pickett says:

Who else voted for “Doberhuahua”? hahahaha

allen wood says:

this commercial has a hidden racial message – its showing what could be
a result of 2 breeds of dogs mixing but sends a message to people why its
best not for different races to mix as well; worst commercial

Raymond Anglada says:

This commercial is crazy 

Amanda Fox says:

This was my fav Super Bowl commercial. And yeah, I want an Audi. They are
good in the snow.

#cars #superbowl #funnycommercials #doberhuahua #bigheaddogs #audi
#strangepets #funny 

Spicy Taco Pro says:

How the fuq could this be an audi commercial

Van 3 Auto Transport says:

Which Car commercial was your favorite for the Super Bowl last Sunday? We
voted and this is the winner. AUDI.

Jeff Erickson says:

I damn near pissed myself laughing at this! Awesome!

Captain Nemo says:

I see what you did there Audi

Michael Riekert says:

New Audi ad

The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa says:

Disturbing, just a car ad, not fair with the type casting, but does raise
the question of breeding. Breeding on a whim, bad idea. In fact I love the
ending, adopt a happy little fella for who not what he is. #dogadoption 

Traci Jones says:

Doberhuahua …. Totally cracks me up – still! LOL

punkchicktoo says:

OMG!! This was too funny!!

Audi Wynnewood says:

It’s the last day to vote for the #AudiA3 in the AdBlitz Contest: Audi 2014
Big Game Commercial – Doberhuahua Learn from the #Doberhuahua —

a ward says:

great commercial, I love it! 

awd111980 says:

I heart Sarah!!! 

Steven Twohig says:

it looks like scrappy from scooby doo

mary Kleinhans says:

why why why!!!!!

Josh Doggs says:

Dosnt this make everybody want this car? ….No?…No one?…Anybody?..ok.

Alan Smith says:

I want one…maybe a couple…:)

Nick LaFond says:

Hermon Dog Park!!

SSJ4Supermanarot says:

Doberhuahua still doesn’t count!!!

omgods1 says:

I want one

thekritefan8 says:

They should make a movie about this.

King Sloth says:

0_0 thats a remixed version of the final boss of medievil……

FOX MOP says:

This Is an awesome commercial, it has the feelings like its almost like a
movie trailer, I wish all commercials were as good as this one.

xdamsy says:

The dog is too cute XD

Angel Montes says:

hahaha i was crying its so funny

Takana Madara says:

Best car.
Fail commercial.

Zain Porter says:

story of my life

Cherish Adler says:

that’s so funny I laughed so hard

Jenna Cotty says:

Where the guy shouts “Saving yourselves” was the funniest for me on this
ad. Lmao
Funniest Commercial I had seen also in a long time. 

Candice Lewis says:

to MaxZagar……………seem “IGNORANCE” is bliss for you.

TrocaireLPS says:

I’d buy a Doberhuahua. I find it kind of cute. XD

mcam27 says:

I lost it at Sarah McLachlan haha

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