Bad Chihuahua

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T-Bone is up on the table “protecting” a plate of chicken meant for human consumption. Naughty bad!


Felisa Merlet says:

that is probably the ugliest thing ive ever seen

Ashley Ramirez says:

Fuck u dog,wen my dog dose that 2 me in the window i do it back like this dog

der Dennis says:

i hate this dog.

Tails Doll says:

well not really this one is just wound up and been annoyed and been treated bad

Chiwahwah8888 says:

My dog does this to me and to my friends is there a way i can make him stop? Cause my friends are always like “i wanna put ur sof he looks soo fluffy BUT Y IS HE SO MEAN” i want my dog to stop being mean can someone tell me how i can make him a good doggie!!

LolaofAr says:

someone got the gremlin wet….

Husky DeAwesomeness says:

Grrrrr..GArrrr…..GArrrrr Lolz

Christian Alex Nikolopoulos says:

holy crap that thing look like a bat to me

Ashley Caldeon says:

WARNING: Chihuahuas are not allowed to be kids of any type until they are 10

selesvos says:

Мне было очень страшно..!

mcatv says:

This is the strangest bat i´ve ever seen.

SkidsGotTheLids says:

My chihuahua looks like that but she’s nice lol

psmgamer says:

My dog did this when I messed with her food. Also did it when strangers were around.

Judy Alcatraz says:

Ugh reminds me of my dog

Claudio Camara says:

todo baixinho é folgado!!!

DarknessEmerge says:

holy fk

tessan52 says:

He is NOT bad is the Afa in your home ….

CeeJaySonic says:

Oh NO! It´s a vampire O.o !!

TheLPSluver32 says:

My Chihuahua ALWAYS does this but he wags his tail while doing it. ^_^

Mohlianum says:

Don’t blame the dog, blame the owner!

bapemo49 says:

It’s name is Sweetie Pie .

saydiehandley12 says:

kill the damn thing

lkrnpk says:

don’t put a dress on him

k1rsss says:

And think about if this kind of dog goes to the vet and the owners cannot calm the dog. Not so easy-going-patient for the vet :/

hamzah waseem says:

Fucking creepy

Chichidbz15 says:

I have one

Ajaydavegun11432 says:

Chihuahuas are fucking scary.

queenofengland01 says:


Bev Newham says:

not funny,or fair to the dog.

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