Blue Ash, Ohio Police Shoot and Kill Family’s 5 Pound Chihuahua Dog

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Police Shoot Dog The Bullock family’s dog “Jack.” was shot and killed by Blue Ash Ohio Police. The dog was a Chihuahua-mix named “Jack” that Scott and Sharon…


MarilynNo1 says:

If you are a police officer, then you know this story doesn’t sound 100%.

MarilynNo1 says:

I like how the paragraph above leaves out the fact that the dog bit one of the officers and they couldn’t catch it. Also.. we weren’t there, so we DO NOT know how it went down. Period.

Charles Walton says:

The story is true you can research it and I already did.

MarilynNo1 says:

Don’t believe every thing you hear. This story is ridiculous.

MarilynNo1 says:

If you are a police officer, then you know this story doesn’t sound 100%.

henry kills says:

I was talking to a Military Sniper and he said ” I can drop a pig from 250 yards ” I don’t know if it’s true but the last thing he said was ” When the Shit hits the fan you will see it over and over and over “

Maser209 says:

Cops are nothing more than killers with badges and the government behind them!

EthanJM says:

I am not convinced the cop was afraid of the chihuahua, I just think the cop got off by killing something.

Mr1000th says:

What a fuckin pussy! How can we trust our police these days?

missie bee says:

sad to say we have just had now 2 incidents where people have horribly killed small animals in my neighbourhood that have been reported anyway in last few weeks. some home invaders killed a family’s labrador puppy. “Puppy killed during half hour crime spree”. and the other ones were “Rabbits and dog mutilated in south Auckland”. Peoples true nature is coming out. It interesting as at the moment the people have been protesting against animal drug testing.

chubbz187 says:

Yeah a police job will attract guys like this. Control freaks that control every aspect of their lives and probably beat their wife and kids. They really need periodic psychological exams of police to weed out scum like this from the good men and women that protect our streets.

chubbz187 says:

And thanks Daniel for saying that.. it’s good to know there are people like you out there. and that all cops are not scum like this. guys like this are the reason why people don’t trust the police.

chubbz187 says:

These guys are “serving and protecting” Pfft.. what a joke. they should be the ones locked up in a cage.

chubbz187 says:


chubbz187 says:

Anyone that shoots a 6 pound dog really needs not be protecting the streets. I hope they get fired.

chubbz187 says:

These guys are pieces of sh*t.

Br0kenDr3ams says:

Here we go again. When did this happen? Was it recently? The dog was on its own porch. Why didnt they just leave it be? This shit is getting out of control. It’s all in their training. Disgusted past the point of sympathy for these police officers. And my husband was a firefighter. They and police have to deal with a lot of BS. but common a five pound baby. I mean what kind of damage could he have caused. I’ve been bit by one and believe me it hurts but not even the skin was broke, BS!

Bobby BOOM BOOM Bickerson says:

Uh, that would be asking these guys to THINK.

Bobby BOOM BOOM Bickerson says:

What do officers like these guys do in their spare time? Tear wings off butterflies?

CrackerJack00Svn says:

Thank You!

harry palm says:

the PTSD sick fuckers still have a blood lust after returning home from a war zone.

the way to allevitate that lust is to kill innocent humans/animals so they can purge their inner beast and be able to go home and masterbate about the joy of killing.

Charles Walton says:

I agree! Thanks!

Nick Kelly says:

97% of cops now days think they are bad ass cuz they have a gun and a badge and think they can do what they want. All I know is this… if anybody including a cop shoots my dog… they will not be making it home (its not a threat but a promise!)!! I don’t care if I die to or sit in prison/jail tha rest of my life. At least tha piece of shit that killed my dog would be gone too!!

Nick Kelly says:

Did she just say tazzed and shot??!!

Pedro Braz says:

nothing happen to them… those kind of officers are the worst kind of criminals, cause they have the law with them… what makes us think abt our current justice system around the world… police brutality should be punished with a big jail in case it was proven that it was indeed police brutality, would make those pigs think twice before handling their gun…

Daniel Raymond says:

I am a police officer myself, and you are only spost to use lethal force if you or one another’s life is in danger. A chihuahua, it coulden’t kill a fly if it tried.

Raven Halliwell says:

After watching Max, the rottweiler die. A police officer cant handle a Chihuahua! WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE! THEY ARE ALL SICK BASTARDS!

commandorando123 . says:

Pathetic behavior

missie bee says:


steve penrose says:


Sacrilicious says:


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