Brazil giving Birth to Angel~

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Claudia Maracle says:

What the heck!?!you never even gave her a chance to push!!! WAY to
involved. i feel bad for her.


*starts barfing* aww…*barfs again* I never want to see another *barfs*
graphic video like this again…….*barfs*

AvengedSevenfold9000 says:


Thecoolfactor says:

The horse must be struggling

Forde G says:

Jesus fucking Christ!!!

Jane ThaKiller says:

doesnt that hurt the mother pulling it out?

Javier Rivera Díaz says:

Wuaooo!!! Beautiful…

monster44477 says:

What was around the baby horse?

bacon sizzle says:

People should stop saying you should of let her do it alone …we’ll think
about it if that was your horse would you leave it for the baby to possibly
get stuck or help it ?

KawaiiPulsar says:

This was amazing !!

Aaliyah. A. says:

Whats that the lady is pulling at 6:44

Keyla Dalila Villarreal says:

She was pouring out blood or something at first

Liliey Kay Codding says:

many things wrong with this birth. but I still love how cute the baby is!!

Lacie Baldwin says:

Why are you filming it if it’s so nasty

Sandro Boghossian says:

6:36 green shiat

Khesraw Frahmand says:

is it only me or she just totally forgot about the mother 

☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ says:

Hmm, that was big.

jessica huffman says:

Beautiful filly,though mama seemed to be doing fine on her own

Ann C says:


SilverEliteX says:

Oh my… The horse shitting at the same time lol

Kyle Ease says:

I would never touch that woman’s hands ever..

Jamie Duggan says:

why don’t you let the mare take care of her baby

Sims Kool says:

Ouch! i feel so sorry for the mother

Corgigirl says:

6:30 why isn’t she wearing gloves!?

Nur Syakirah says:

Thats so sad!! Whats wrong with its tail!!

Nathaniel Black says:

What the fuck? I clicked on this video thinking some Brazilian was gonna
give birth to an angel. What the fuck is this shit, you people are sick!

Angelina Fontana says:

I had my volume muted so if you told us if it was a colt or a Philly was it
a colt or a philly??

rachael correa says:

Sooo soo beautiful 

ashley westwood says:

let nature take its cause! let the mom look after her baby!

Alexia Pulido says:

im only 5 and i saw that

Thomas Long says:

lol its she is taking a dump too XD

Matthew Christensen says:

What happens in the wild when horses give birth and there’s no human there
to assist them?

Kaley DeRose says:

That’s just nasty

Frozen Sky says:

how in the hell did i get here from my little pony

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