Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing

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Bobby O says:

I wouldn’t feel safe living with that cat after witnessing that…

Codex says:

that cat is a spy!

Noel Yap says:

Do cats meow only when they know others are watching?

thomas lincoln says:

Cat has 3 letters dog has 3 letters a triangle has 3 sides.

ParadoxicalSlumber says:

Reminds me of people who curse and insult others normally, then switch to
polite speech when their mothers come around. 

mickey ray says:

Do all animals have the ability to deceive or act a certain way to be
treated/respected the way they want?
This proves to me all of gods creatures are aware and have a soul which
sways me toward the belief system of reincarnation.
Food for thought……

A Rainbow Is Born says:

Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof woeow meow meow 

Tiedyeman's Videos says:

I believe cats learn by observation, they sometimes do things they see
humans or other animals do. One friend has a cat that learned to use the
toilet, another friend had a cat that actually reached up and grabbed the
doorknob (saw it with my own eyes) with both paws and turned it to open the
door. I swear my cat smiles, smirks, pouts and displays a wide range of

Kenneth Daly says:

thats awesome

David Davyd says:

What is it? Catdog??

Krazy For Pets says:

What an impostor!! LOL
#cats #bark #dogs 

agonori says:

わん わん わん わん わん わん わう にゃう にゃあ にゃー

Chris Talbert says:

You see now while people in dark age europe thought these animals were
Satan’s allies. Don’t hate, I got a cat my self … a fat lazy tortouse
hair that likes to look at birds on the deck, while sunning. 

Saphhire Minepony says:


Giovanna M says:

Do cats meow only when they know others are watching?

Michael Sutherin says:


cosmic clone says:

ARF ARF ARF AR– Arf… Arf? Meow Meow Meeow?

Cutenessoverload says:

I don’t think he is actually barking, I think it’s a hunting method that
cats use I’m not sure if this is right or not

Andy Capobianco says:

the cat is severerly scared, and probably being messed with

TeamAutobot1 says:

Woof woof woof ( sees owner) I mean…. Meow

Ellinor Sarin says:

LMAO, i can’t get enough of this video, everytime i watch it, it is
hilarious! :D
I love cats, and sometimes when cats talk to us, they are not always trying
to communicate but they are trying to sound like us and say the words we
are saying..:)
so i think this cat had heard a dog and tried to bark like him/her.. ^^,
looks like the cat is thinking ” oh hello..human..i didn’t do anything
unusual here, nothing to see here..” xD

thosewiththeknack says:

demon possessed and trespassed by the lilitary and humans are slaves to it
turd like humans with mercury balls want to have sex with it

safari man says:

in some cultures a black cat is a devil cat.

rockfish1000 says:

Do cats meow only when they know others are watching?

The Offical Toy Chica™ says:

+Bonnie The Bunny x3

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