Miniature Chihuahua

So you think YOU can dance--what about your pup? These dogs were natural born dancers. Their paws don't lie as they dance the Salsa. Edited by: Gina Feghali Links listed below to full videos... [...]
Fight funny between dogs and cats is hilarious!! [...]
adoribile wait till thee end ! [...]
paco the chihuahua opens one of his gifts christmas 2009. [...]
Ferocious guard dog. [...]
Hi friends, chihuahua Pancho was attacked by a dog. He is fine and after a week of test he will be able to make you smile again with our videos. We shared with you the "medication moment" because... [...]
Mini toy foxy Cross Miniature Chihuahua Puppy female - being held by me and just happy to be content..I am looking for you to love me and cussle my chubby little head. [...]
playing with my hands while im on my laptop. [...]
Polka Norteña Mexicana. [...] | Chihuahua Sõprade Liit (The Union of the Friends of Chihuahuas) in Estonia has for three years now organized playing sessions... [...]