Miniature Chihuahua

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Four adorable Jackahuahua puppys, 1 chocolate little girl. 2 black and tan little girls. 1 tri coloured male mother is a jack Russell and dad is a Chihuahua.... [...]
She was not a miniature but the runt of the litter. I took her in and became the best of friends! She was my baby..I was stopped almost everywhere because of... [...]
Dog is just laying there observing and starring at me, then gets up and runs away... [...]
Visited some friends and they have a new dog. The cutest little miniature chuhuahua, 4 months old. [...]
This little white and fawn little male Chihuahua is available at Please call us at 832-892-2366 Shipping is avaialble and pick ups w... [...]
This is Pulga (spanish for "flea"). She is a six year-old chihuahua that weighs less than 3 pounds. [...]
This is my miniature chihuahua Joey showing off all of his tricks. [...]