Miniature Chihuahua

Contact for licensing/usage info.) "Foxxy Cleopatra", the Chihuahua, plays a game of tag with Ryuu, the Bearded Dragon! [...]
You would think that a Great Dane dog wouldn't be scared of a little Chihuahua dog... However, this little Chihuahua shows he can stand up to any bigger dog! Original Link: [...]
Mia 10 weeks old ive had her a day. Such an intellegent breed. [...]
Teacup chihuahua and white maltipoo playing with a bone treat. [...]
Alabama Toys and Teacups has two Micro Teacup chihuahua puppies. Black/Tan Male and solid white female. Please visit our website for more information and ... [...]
Baby Kinder, 8 weeks old. [...]
My sister Peggy's Pixie micro teacup chihuahua at 6 months old. [...]
After giving our teacup chihuahua Mew a bath and a new flea collar, she dances around a towel trying to rub off her new fresh scent. [...]
This cute dog is jealous of not being held! Very funny noises from a little dog and big cat! [...]
Super Tiny Teacup Chihuahua Puppy For Sale! he is 7 weeks and weighs about 10 oz! Serious Callers Please (956)457-8150 or visit my website to see available puppies and pricing http://www. [...]
my puppy, mitzi used to grab my hair with her paws and bite through it pretty much combing my hair. my mother is also featured in this video as well as me (glasses) i believe this was filmed... [...]