Cha cha cha Chihuahua song & lyrics

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VerI Harris says:

Chihuahuas do come from mexico achely

Dawna F says:

What do you think they are named after? It’s a state in Mexico.

Cami Landis says:

I have two chihuahuas and I love them so much!

mdoodles123 says:

I love this song

Mdt162 says:

They come from Mexico

Emily S says:

Chihuahuas are so adorable I wish I had a little black one

Emily S says:

Sorry but chihuahuas don’t come from Mexico I loooooooooooove the song and
the pictures :)

Девилия Краснова says:

Bestest song ever!!!!!:) It’s sooooo… Funny, I almost exploded of
laughter!!!! I don’t want it to end!!!!!

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