Chester the Chihuahua puppy getting a bath

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Chester, one of our chihuahua puppies, is getting his first bath. While taking a walk he found something irresistable on the ground and had to roll around in…


manda says:

too cute, he looks just like my little guy!

kevinjonasLAADYYY77 says:

aww. i luv how wen she puts it in it’s starts doing the doggy paddle.

puplover1997 says:

is that Miss.wing

jessied81 says:

@mayflowerbaby hahahaha, that is a sweet tub!

haitiankid09 says:

How often do I wash my tico

darkslayor24 says:

yes, clean its ass first and then smear it all over thats the way!

Evangeline Lily says:

no soap?

Maryelizabeth Pangan says:

so cute takng a bath

lenaenaena3 says:

u didnt=

xrandombobx says:

Umm poor ass.

bunnyhogger says:

cute chester!~

puss8puss says:

Poor dog! But Cuute!

erinxsjxriderx says:

@darkslayor24 hahaha

dogsrulecatsdrule101 says:

poor chester. that’s a big bathtub for him

Elinor Reed says:

that looks just like my dog and his name is chester! and he chihuahua

Aily Solveig says:

the water is soapy, it’s enough, but it is recommended to rince your pup!

Saartje05 says:

Why is it put into a bath? I suddenly heared the man talking dutch, lol.

heleeshek says:

OMG…. what´s this?? :-O frightened dog, woman washing dog´s anus without
soap…. pass of a madhouse?? maybe, can be…..

CoreysOldLady says:

I wouldnt wear such nice cloths to give a dog a bath lol, the dogs pretty

AlicevsNemisis says:

Nice bath tub. Sweet Dog. I love this video so much thanks for posting.

Heidie Ulleseit says:

first of all, what is up with this lady and rubbing this poor dog’s anus?
Second, where is the soap? Very odd, if you ask me. Even more odd to film
it and post it to youtube.

Evangeline Lily says:

tyy (=

Omnomasaurus says:

She’s wearing such nice clothes while bathing a dog? Dafuq?

emmapetcrazy says:

cute pup awsome bath tub

babacadescarile says:

@xrandombobx :) ) that’s exactly what i was thinking to..

Beth Lala says:

aww wut a nice chihuahua

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