Chihuahua and clothes

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Elizabeth Shaner says:

My chi wears xxs or xs and om so happy she likes wearing clothes 

John Smith says:

She is so adorable :) I love chihuahuas.

Kaoutar Gunnar says:


Tatyanna Davis says:

Are you her twins you guys look alike

Taylor Nissen says:

omg were do you guys live i live in victoria with my chihuahua

Inspired by horse lover says:

Are you guys twins

Jennifer19Ella says:


Rene' R says:

shes so cute, i have a black chi too..she’s always cold unless she has a
blanket.. i just ordered her some warm clothes

sophie_:) says:

75 dollars for a sweater ay no mamita!!!

Kristina V says:

Flower is amazing! :)

myalyssa27 says:

omg twins

blaze bothe says:

cool im making tons of clothes now

karen futscher says:

you guys a are so cute

Yolanda Soto Lopez says:

This is so cute. I make lots of outfits for friends and family.

doglover0121 says:

your dog is pretty

Maria07 says:

Yorkie or chihuahua ???please answer

TheElizabeth1985 says:

wow u both just said $75 dollars for that outfit for the cute dog but hmm
that is a lil to much cause like i wont buy myself something that cost that
much !

timsander22 says:

omg he looks pretty like my chihuahua called milo, they’re so sweet mine is
now 4 months!

Evileneist says:


contentinstaller49 says:

I cant believe you can just hold Flower in your hands. Shes so tiny. When I
get my chihuahua will it be as small as yours. Because i would need to buy
extra small clothes too. I also need a dog that can fit in a purse. And
will extra small clothes fit a yorkie.

1375mundo says:

* warm

NaNandCoat says:

@madikins00 Yeah I would say they are pretty friendly, but flower is very
shy and kind of scared of other dogs, she is nice to people and cats though

Courtnalicious Videos says:

You’re lucky tho…atleast you’re dog won’t wake you up in the middle of
the night! No worries…he’ll start barking soon.

jusmeasuc says:

if u didnt know this about chihuahuas they have softspots for their whole
life so please be careful with their heads

Lola Lolacka says:

I don’t see the point in this video… What are u trying to show? A dog? A
bought sweater,which everyone can buy and see? Or what? Nothing
useful,unless u made these colthes by yourself… But according to the
content of the video, it looks like u have more money than brain.

Emily Hendriks says:

chihuahuas need sweaters to keep them warm. if you are warm a chihuahua is
cold; if you are cold then a chihuahua is freezing! do some research before
you start throwing out insults

Alison Plumey says:

Poor Dog… your are torturing him..

Samantha Flet says:

Oh my gosh! She is way to cute! I love the name! She is so sweet!

Elena Wilkins says:

hey im in aus and i have alot of jucey coture costumes for my chi his name
is bayley he is a cream long hair chi

001Minxy says:

Hey im 13 and i ADORE chihuahua’s! Im gonna get a female one for my
birthday but im a little scared coz i have a miniature jack russel already
and she is 2. Im worried that they will fight but what im mostly worried
for is incase i get a funny looking one. I really wanna apple head teacup
chihuahua but ive heard they are just a scam for money? Help pleaaasee

contentinstaller49 says:

are you friends or sisters

Jana Legaspi says:

how much is the pearl necklace and the pink hoddie?

masumi suzuki says:

luv the hoodie

PotatoVampireTaco says:

My Coton de Tulear puppy has the same collar :)

MakeupGeek2003 says:

its normal for a small puppy to not bark mine is 3 months and doesnt bark

moodyboy4 says:

may i ask you how much was the neckleace xx

AlinArdelean111 says:

i like twins! Do you like feel when something good pr bad happens to the
other? Because my grandma had a twin sister and she said that she felt all
the time when her sister was ok or not, and she called her and it was
exactly like she felt, so is that true???

Mario7ferrari says:

i love all of the clothes they are cute

taylorlafavre says:

can u please make more videos about ur dog please

missdancingdiva3 says:

she is beautiful i think that her necklace is really sweet and i like her
hoodie but i wouldnt pay 75 dollers for it!!!

Annoying orange says:

i want one just exactly like your Chihuahua!! but i kind find one like yours

TheSingaporeWorld says:

I always hv this mindset that this kind of dog breed are really yappy, but
your dog didnt bark at all~ :) cool

Jana Legaspi says:

how much is the pearl necklace

lpslover357 says:

I LOVE THE VIDEO u look soo pretty and your puppy is SOOO adoable btw,
Flower is a GREAT name 4 her! i will check out the web site barkingbabies
ty 4 telling us about the web site! U GUYS ROCK ps Flower looks even more
aboable in it coat

1375mundo says:

* warm

ThePattylicious0123 says:

My Chihuahua Doesnt Bark.

6969NicoleMarie says:

Aw flower is so cute! I have a chihuahuah I love putting clthes on her to!
And the necklace is really cute to!

adriana wypych says:

case you’re twins

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