chihuahua barking at stinkbug

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luna, my chihuahua, is barking at a stinkbug it’s like 12 am and she wont quit! omg! lol! but i still ♥ her!


gfdkgkj says:

SHUT UP! * remains quiet for 5 seconds* are you ok now? *BARK* *BARK*

Mauro Sanchez says:

Oh wow

kittymomo4031 says:

@xXDanielp95Xx she started like 12:12 and stopped like 12:30 am lol!

kittymomo4031 says:

@MrAlium im glad i get to make ur day a lil more annoying with my voice.
thanks for taking the time to watch my video and commenting on it. i bet i
wasted ur time by having u watch and think of an opinion. i also thank u
for being one more person to add to my view count. have a nice day! :-D

allen boosinger says:

Lol the women’s voice sounds like a 5 year old kid I bet the dog can sing
better than her

Erica Wigfall says:

cant even point at the dog right

MrAlium says:

Not even the chihuahua’s voice is as highly pitched and annoying as this

kittymomo4031 says:


logarithmic7 says:

She’s so cute, looks like a twin for our chi Poco. We almost named our dog
Luna too!

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