chihuahua birth

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helping with the birth of the puppy.


juanitarea says:

Wow you look like a pro at delivering puppies, it’s scary to watch a dog
deliver it’s babys. You are very calm.

rudegalpenny says:

@megasearch3 depends on the size of ur female and males need to be smaller.

rudegalpenny says:

@varodose sorry was not on for a while but yes the eat the puppies poop
they have to to stimulate them to poop cuz they dont know how when they are
born and yes gross..

varodose says:

omg plz write back and answer my question which is did your dog eat here
puppys poop mine did it was so gross

Bryannaclub says:


rudegalpenny says:

it depends on the size of the dog mine has had only 3 litters anshe had 5
in one and 2 on the other two now she is fixed good luck with puppies..

coolgirl89012 says:

I have a Chihuahua! He is pure bred and he is a boy, his name is Hershy. I
want some Chihuahua puppies! But, we are breeding bunnies.

Bryannaclub says:

wow that is truly amazinly intresting cool! that looks fun can i have a
pregnant chiauau one day i ope casue i would treat them like people dogs!

ChihuahuaPuppyFan says:

I have a pregnant chihuahua as well. They are due by June 10th 09. That
video was amazing!!! Hope mine is good too!

thecandykiss1 says:

i was wondering how many puppies do chihuahuas have mine is pregnant and is
do 12/25 2009

Track-Pad Gamer says:

so how many pups do chihuahuas have? because i was thinking of getting a
male and a female and hope they have puppies. so i can have a few puppies
and log about them on my second channel.

thecandykiss1 says:

my chihuahua lucy just had her puppies on x-mas eve .aka. the 24 of
december. lucy had two healthy puppies a boy and a girl.the boy looks
exactly like her and the girl is white with brown dots.the boy is 30 mins
older than the girl and 3 times bigger than her.we name the girl little dot
and the boy andre the giant there so cute

Roisin Holland says:

i was wondering is it dangerous for a chihuahua to give birth…. i got the
puppy in august and shes still young about 9 months now … i want her to
have puppies … i have a video of her now on my page … check her
out….and i think she will grow a bit bigger but does she have to have
puppies with a chihuahua or can she have them with a small boy dog? please
answer thanks xxx <3

stephanie marie says:

looks just like my archie boy black with white paws

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