Chihuahua does yoga

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Cute Chihuahua dog imitates his owner doing yoga.


Joanne David says:

Such a clever doggy. Amazing

Leila Barrios says:

Puede ser mas lindooooooooooooooo??????? jajaj divino!!!

Evileneist says:

oh encantadaaaaa

Susy Popoca says:

Yo quiero un amigo asi para mi!!!

Chereese Camacho says:

Priceless! Ohmygosh! The dog has inspired me!

az123066 says:

Me allegro que usted disfrutó del vídeo tanto como yo. Gracias por su visita.

Edo Willie says:

It’s called downward dog for a reason. And it’s a play signal for dogs. The rest was a treat tease, very obvious. Cute, but obvious. My dog does both downward dog and salute the sun with me…waits to hear the mat hit the floor. He loves it, but he also does it without me, too.

Isabel Avello Poblete says:

¡Me encantó…! tanta ternura…

Menna Araya says:


dinoatcharterdotnet says:

Kathy Bates sent me

MixmanD28 says:


Marian Rich says:


Jennifer Tran says:

Lol this the best

jetunknownactor says:

SOooo CUTE ;-)

inks step says:

Dog treat

DrClawizdead says:

Downward Dog

Basia Zapal says:

Bruahahahhahahhahahha — BRAVO PANCINO—- bruahahahhhahh — yoga in Italian

Eleanor Lasta says:

Bravo Pancino!!! This video is awesome!!!

liztothemax says:


Gonzalo Romero says:

Ame a pachino :)

Mike Smile says:

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Barbra Pérez says:


gabriel1012 says:


cpgod33 says:

what language is this? Portuguese?

Julie VanBerkel says:

Bless him. He takes it so seriously!

Low Shang Zhe Shang Zhe says:

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Hobart Res says:

So adorable! 

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