Chihuahua Dog rides Turtle

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Chihuahua puppy is riding a tortoise as kids and adults surround and pet the tortoise!


UrDesignatedShooter says:

white people are all morons they think this a turtle just like they think
every one who is dark is black. imbeciles

Beverley Knicely says:

What kind of turtle is Lenard?

ToboeRain says:

that random person in the backgroung “OMG its a turtle!”

Wil Z says:

A snail was riding a turtle and screamed ‘slow the f.k down man, you trynna
kill me?’, read this joke somewhere, thought it was funny 

David Sisko says:

These people should leave him alone and if they want to see a tortoise they
should go to a zoo.

SUPPER Purple Puppy says:

the dog is so scared 

Mathew Johnson says:

Poor dog and turtle :( 

Ryan Carey says:

Oh god….cry me a river while I play the world’s smallest violin for
everyone that’s getting offended by this. Those dogs are always timid and
the turtle has no idea what’s going on. It’s fuckin cute.

Assassino says:


Carlos Ojeda says:

It’s not funny! Poor turtle

Super Retro Bros says:

lol the guys in the background giggling like children stating the obvious
xD Heheheh its a dog on a turtle hehehe xD

C Penny says:

Yeah…lets harass the turtle and make a dog ride it for good measure. Good
job officer, harassing people wasn’t enough so u moved to innocent animals.
Turtle should’ve bitten your foot off, now that would’ve been worth a watch
or two. 

polly10022 says:

I’m sorry the tortoise had to be in that crowd instead of its natural

I’m sorry the dog’s dressed in human clothes and is made to sit on a
tortoise for the entertainment of others.

Geez, you guys are pricks.

SoniaSephia says:

At first I thought this video was cool and funny until I notice those cops
talking in the back ground…Clearly this was a high speed chase. Clearly
the Tortoise cooks meth (the best meth) and that Chihuahua deals!

Eon House says:

What a bunch of assholes, it’s clear the tortoise doesn’t like the crowd
and the chihuahua is scared shitless. Animals are not circus clowns they
are delicate creatures that need to be treated with love and respect. 

Alya Hanson says:

That. Is. Fluffing. Cute. 

Ernesto Tani says:

he’s faster for a tortoise. awesome.


So funny haha

Quake Chan says:

awwww so cute

ForDogTrainers - Dog Portal says:

Chihuahua riding a TURTLE!!! Cute video))

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#dogs #Chihuahua #dogvideo #turtle #cute #funny 

JPO C says:

@Animacrossinglver I believe an African spurred tortoise.

croc says:

your profile image is cute too XD

mausi11011 says:

poor dog

TortoiseTalk says:

@Animacrossinglver That isn’t a Russian Tortoise. Russian Tortoises are 6
or 7 inches for males and around 8 or 9 inches for females. Trust me on
this one, I own a Russian Tortoise. That right there is a Sulcata Tortoise,
also known as African Spurred Tortoise.

animalclipsuk says:

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xymox007 says:

Difficult to decide who I feel more sorry for, the chihuahua or the

nathan900130 says:

I think the chihuahua shit its pants cuz its tail is all closed up

blessedlady7 says:

That owner should be ashamed of himself

wizard101tothemax says:

I hate how know one knows the difference of a tortoise and a turtle

ojlulz says:

silly humans

killyourtv4321 says:

Fucking lazy dog!

jameshrave says:

I don’t like the guy putting his foot in the way of the tortoise.

epcenter5hz says:

the turtle says “I’m a turtle not a horse”

David Liu says:

That is a sulcata tortoise

blackandwhiteangel13 says:

You can tell that the tortoise was trying to run away =(

Vanessa Labreche says:

That has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Ninjakittygirlmj byleveld says:


JPO C says:

It was following me around when I walked, maybe there was something that
attracted the tortoise to me. :D

EpicE101 says:

Poor turtle it’s bad enough for it to carry its own shell

Alyssa Moore says:


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