Chihuahua Extreme Micro Tiny Teacup Chihuahua Ballerina, extra mini chihuahua

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carlos cameron says:

oh lord…incredible

Freya Florez says:

…… I love Chihuaua’s and all…but…that…was…almost a cute kind of horrifying.

Pastora M. Lopez says:

so cute!!!

Bon5oir says:

Quelle horreur !

Miltondadog says:

Is that an Asthma Hound Chihuahua?

TheOneworld4u says:

Ha, ha, ha, soooo cute.

Holy Cannelloni says:

To each his own.

I know I dont exactly like the looks of it, much prefer the average size Chihuahua. I wouldn’t feel safe walking around in my home with one that small, it would get stepped on by accident. That, or my cat would look at it like a snack considering she is capable of taking down crows.

PoisonedAl says:

That dog looks like it came from H. R. Giger’s sketchbook.

sheilacaravantes64 says:

Aww its so cute and his eyes omg

TheSmilesKids000x says:


williamnotsomuch says:

Maybe that’s its poop in its mouth?

Val Mc says:

looks like a barking rat!

lauraheredia1234 says:

Q perro mas horrible por dios

Darri3n says:

Wake up with him on your chest looking right at you. Bet you won’t sleep ever again. XD

Trinquill says:

omg that must suck when he turns and hits his eyeball. ouch.

tom bass says:


FFXIWarriorqueen1 says:

Omg, his eyes are so about to pop out, it’s annoying! I want to pop them out just so they don’t look like they’re going to.

SUP3R10Rzombie says:

HwWAHHhhh!… NOOOo!!  O.O

DavidJeFaca says:

fuck man, you almost killed me with that comment xDDDD

DrunkMouse2030 says:

that is probablyy the uglyiest doggie i have ever laid my virgin eyes on, i bet it takes really small poops too right??? :)

Cinizera says:

..Wtf is that. o_o

David Bressie says:

LOl that was funny its like its mine and u cant have have it

mahalogi says:

Cute, but there’s just something not right about what we humans are creating….

ImAman555 says:

ew yo

Lisa B says:


FrauleinFive says:

Scary little bastard.

Infinity870 says:

isnt he just shaved?

precious douglas says:

why is it so skinny

Cozmotherescuedog says:

HIS EYES?!? sooo cute!!! 

videogamesarefly says:

So small must step

Sevin says:

dont these kinds of chihuahuas have health problems?

razzamatazzy says:

you’re right they really are because he is too small. this is disgusting animal abuse that’s terrible how people breed dogs to be that way

Derpy Hooves says:

Why do Chihuahuas always derp?

Vhairi Bell says:

Probably brain damaged from hydocephalus. That’s what happens when we breed tiny dogs for our own amusement.

eili black says:

There is no such thing as a micro/teacup chihuahua, these very small puppys are just the runt of their litter.

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