Chihuahua giving birth part 2

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newly born chihuahua,taking out the fluid inside their body and giving them heartbeats.


hersheys1214 says:


Courtney Sr says:

@keziah1994 theyre trying to keep them alive

Triana Vang says:

ONE QUESTION ? Why on earth do you tie to mother down ?? And cut her
stomach open to get the babies. She’s suppose to poop them out !?

roxaxel128 says:

I bet they tried to kill them

thenewfamousthing says:

@xRawrNeonDinox3 i know right!!!

shnkiffin177 says:

Is the mom dead and don’t handle the babies like that

deadw0mb says:

Lol, shaking them gives them heartbeats? :|

purplemint11 says:

@loveorangerose999 don’t say that to us !!

Vicky Lau says:

He should let the mother do it!

DirrtyBee says:

im speechless… why are they shaking them?!?!

Yoo Alondra says:


Theodore234 says:


teenylight says:

they’re not dead. this is a cesarean section! and they are shaking them
because to get the amniotic fluid out!!! If they don’t do that, they will

Nakoma Pokotello says:

im thinkin that i see other puppy bodies. that is fucking horriblee. o.O

Kristen Dehaven says:

your supposed to shake them

beatriz garcia says:

Thats right!!

Whazzup1023 says:

dang he is shaking them like crazy !…. is that good?

crystal roman says:

they gona eat them!

TheMegajsquare says:

this dumb lady tryin 2 kill dem

Avel Nikitich says:

What the hell are you doing to them you fuckface.

23Panama says:

looks like you are preparing a meal, … and not saving a life.

M. Kozlik says:

They are premature – they are in respitory distress. The conditions to
revive are not the best. They probably lost heat as well. Sad but true
reality of many chihuahua births. :( RIP puppies

Perkyclo says:

Did any of them live ??

XOXODragonfly says:

they look dead..

123quinn1 says:

Oh my gosh you have to shake them like that to get their heartbeat up and

Zachary Ratte says:

The reason they are doing that is to stimulate the puppies and encourage
blood flow to the brain

MiChiMouSe21 says:

be more fucken careful!

vickyduhh1 says:

Omg poor things they had to cut her open to get the puppies they took them
out to late they prolly waited to long to take them out awww

ItsMeAgain0909 says:

They are helping them.

barriegirl2011 says:

the mother chihuahua had a c section. and it asleep thats why she is laying
like that

JDV92 says:

its like they come in a package

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