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CHIHUAHUA HUGS HIS TEDDY BEAR Click link to Subscribe: Tommy the Chihuahua hugs his favorite teddy bear. My cute dog Tommy is a Chihuahu…


Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

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Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Thanks for your nice comment. Glad you like Tommy’s pajamas.

JewelsFromVenus says:

awwwwwww!!! love his little pajamas too <3



trickieee says:

This is so adorable!

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Thank you! Glad you like my little Tommy. : ) Visit our channel for more videos of him; subscribe for more.

Amy4325 says:

This is one of the most cutest videos ever ! Your dog is so adorable <3

mandystarr04 says:

The chihuahua is literally smiling! 1:31 in the video a HUGE smile! Adorable! =)

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Tommy is a boy. : ) He is very sweet and lovable <3

Wendy Peckham says:

What a precious little dog! Love her forever

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Thanks for your nice comment and also for subscribing! : ) You should make a video of Little Bit.

chihuahualover56 says:

my chihuahua Little Bit is tied first place with tommy for the cutest dogs ever

flyphoenix22 says:

D’awww so adorable! :)

Rose Wingham says:

:3 Aw, that’s cute. :-)

KdramaIsLife says:

So cute! Reminds me of my baby, Cuddles. He loves to snuggle in his bed with soft toys too.

juls robertson says:

U are one PAMPERED ‘LIL POOCH! As U should be! I want some ‘SHEEP JAMMIES’ like yours!! ARF ARF

isaturday says:

tommy is cute

Hyder Aly says:

I dnt no y 73 dislikes:-(

EllieTsuguri says:

I feel the same way dogs are just amazing friends to have in your life <3

Mady Guindin says:

I love all animals but dogs got a special place in my heart I love dogs sense I was little and I will always have a dog to love I could not see my life without one

SugedaBoss1 says:

How could you not love dogs? Their the best!

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Thank you!! : ) Glad you like Tommy.

Nolvia Menjivar says:

Tommy is cute

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Thank you!  : )

Yen Co says:

Very cute..

TheLPSluver32 says:

Omg. I’m dieing from cuteness. ; – ;

Heather Arias says:

Oh my gosh that is so cute I love this pjs

Max McConnell says:

I love his P.J’s!

Monique Mcclaine says:

Looks so comfy with his pj’s on

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