Chihuahua Pancho was attacked by a dog – The cute medication

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Hi friends, chihuahua Pancho was attacked by a dog. He is fine and after a week of test he will be able to make you smile again with our videos. We shared with you the “medication moment” because…


Alexandra Belicova says:

Who would ever attack the cutest star on the internet???
Get well soon, Panchinoooo!

Agata Monroe says:

Be strong, Panchino! Kisses army for you :) 

Flora Sage says:

Oh I’m SO glad he’s okay. He reminds me of my Teddy.

omgchomp says:

pancho is so good and brave!

block1 says:

Glad he’s okay.

Marty Z says:

sienta mejor pancho <3

Nic and Pancho says:
Julia Gulia says:

Awww hope panchito gets better. Poor baby 

Rach H says:

Awwwhhh Pancho! :( hope he gets better quickly

Angie Gavilanes says:

I hope Panchino is feel better! I am sending him lot of

Pilar Arroyo says:

Ooow Nic, I just read your article and I feel you. My little french poddle
was very sick last week and she had surgery and me and my family were very
sad! Im glad that panchino is ok, my french is doing well too! Hugs and

Powiew wiatru na parapecie zroszonym deszczem ogrzewanym wiosennym słońcem says:

Once I was walking with my Chi and a woman with a bull terrier said he
won’t bite. We didn’t even go nearby it because it jumped so furiously I
thought it will eat her. People are stupid.

brutusproject says:

Un besito muy fuerte, Panchino !!! Recupérate pronto !!! Be strong !!!

Eleanor Stanford says:

This happened to my little dog too. So frightening for all concerned. She
was alright but I couldn’t stop crying.
Would you like me to release the trapped emotions Pancho likely suffered
from this harrowing event?

José Antonio Nigro says:

Oh no!!!! pavero Pancino!!!! un bacione per lui!!!

Blond Thought says:

I would have taken that bite for Pancho.

SnowWhite's Channel says:

Poor Pancho =( Get well soon!

c4rt00n82 says:

Ho letto l’articolo, bastardo cagnaccio di un bulldog….hai fatto bene, ma
un pugno in faccia al padrone glielo dovevi dare.
un augurio di pronta guarigione per panchino.

Veronica M. says:

Recuperate pronto Panccino!!! Te amamos! :) 

Michelle Rojas says:

Ahhh, my heart just broke in half. I hope he gets well soon. <3

Duidy says:

Oh, Panchino! Hope he’s alright!!! Lots of love!!!

Reyna Elizabeth Leal says:

Ohh poor panchito!!! I hope he gets Well soon!,

Anna Villalonga says:

Te queremos, Pancho. Muchos besitos. I Love you, Panchino. 

Coco Tero says:

Keep Pancho very near to you when you walk him-hold the cord tight to you!
Get well soon Pancho!!! <3 May GOD bless.

Saito Tsundere says:

Pancho es un amor :) , ojala ya este mejor. 

rainisrockstar says:

Poor Pancho!!! My chi is my precious baby and whenever she is hurting it
hurts me too, I can only imagine how scary it was for you to see a dog
attacking him.. So glad the wound wasn’t more serious… <3

J Cee says:

Nic and Pancho, so glad Pancho is ok. Get well soon Pancho, Nic takes very
good care of you and the love between the 2 of you is just beautiful. Love
to both of you from Australia.

tammy ahn says:

oh Pancho! sending kisses!!! get better soooon! xoxo

Robert Chylinski says:

Oh, Pancho …. Glad you’re ok. Get well soon!!!

Laury Jackson says:

Feel better soon :) 

Big John says:

Better poncho we all love you and kick the other dogs ass I just ripped his
nuts off neuter that pup

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