Chihuahua Puppies

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“Friday” (formerly “Turkey”) was born on Thanksgiving (during dessert). He is a white/cream longcoat Chihuahua male with VERY thick curly hair. Parents are F…


alisoccer says:

<3 the white 1!!i have a chihuahua 2 he is 4 pounds

bibliotech4life says:

i have a chihuahua, its pretty small! i really love chihuahuas!! Cute

0dour says:

HAHAHA WTF@THEGUY but very cute pups

Lyne01 says:

hi, your puppies r soooooooo wonderful!!!!! wanna hug’em…………..

theFlipz says:

the puppies r so freakin ka-yoooot!

Arlene Arevalo says:

yeah, and ‘cuz i know the originals. don’t take as personal it was just a
comment. take it easy everybody!

whatmatt3rs says:

aww. that was too cute! :D

MS13KiLLaH says:

Cute dogs

FABULOUSkell3 says:

so cute…..i love the brown one

Linus Östlund says:

taste good

Jamaica Queens says:

i love Chihuahua i lthe one that trying to get out alot

Jc Dizon says:

It’s been more than 10 years since I had a puppy. I made them lick me all
the time, feels good :)

littlesugar96 says:


hottentot0o7 says:

I have a sweet baby girl full blood teacup chihuahua. she is 2 years and
weighs maybe 2.5 lbs

Mia Andersen says:

14.000kr Dkk , for a Chihuahua in Denmark, but i don’t care, i love them .
And not because of Paris Hilton , but because i am in love with them <’3

Jackie Gaydar says:

i LOVE that little white chihuahua. XD

cwillis0011 says:

bless they little heart. how cute

unfoldyou says:

the long haired chi is super cute

CdaSlav says:

I own one, they’re witty little bastards!

Maria Acero. says:

Qe cukiii..^^!

EmileeIsRad says:

omg they are so cute!!!

kellebelleke says:

aaaaah they treat you like their father… i gues the white one is your
favorite:D they are sooooo cutteee!!!

Maria Burton says:

omg soo cute!

sweethang315 says:

Very happy, beautiful babies!!!


can i buy 1 lol lol no im serious

scrabbyabby says:

The song is Can’t Fight The Moonlight by Leann Rimes of the soundtrack of
Coyote Ugly.

KaylesH says:


solelyj says:

dude sounds just like Homer Simpson

Shmiggys says:

Oh because you automatically know because you’re from Mexico…

Plamenko Bogumil says:

hahahahaahhhaHAHAHAHH ur right! he sounds like Homer from the Simpsons

kawaiimiko7 says:

I agree.these are people who only care about money.

123xOxAnGeLxOx123 says:

they r so cute!!

glenda elisa says:

can anybody help me :) my chihuahua is now bleeding when is she ready to
breed? when she’s done bleeding? or now? thank you in anvanced

Bridgett Gifford says:

They are so cute! They are like little bundels of joy :D

VittaniMoscardini says:

i have a longcoat chihuahua puppy, she is so cute like these, she is called
Lotus, nice video thanks for posting

sockmonsterz says:

love this video to pieces. im getting a chihuahua around christmas

chhayjolly91 says:

how old was these puppies at this time in the videos?

adribram12 says:

I soo want a Chihuahua :)

54spiritedwill54 says:

I like the white one very much !

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