Chihuahua Puppies Crying for Mom

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Little chihuahua puppies crying for mommy.


gnart0505 says:

wow! you’ve gotta post more videos of them as they growwwww. So adorable!

warrior152 says:

I showed this to my dog and she started licking the screen

sophm99 says:

one sounded like a seagull :p but very cute :)

ZeBrinaLivingston says:

My dog zora lost her mom win she was a baby

goodygirlful says:

i love to so cute

TheDude0566 says:

haha I like how the all white pup with the patch over his eye took a leak
at 0:17

lilolorboi says:

@sophm99 thx =)

Jamie Knapp says:


Mike Riede says:

Ahhh, just got a nine month old one they are just like kids lol !!

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