Chihuahua puppies for sale

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Chihuahua puppies for sale at Tiffany Chihuahuas for more info please visit


Alice Campaigner says:

these puppies are from puppy farms. mothers are kept in horrendous
conditions and bred until they die or are killed for being no longer
commercially viable. check out their website stock photos – many of which
originate in Russia!

Aly W says:

Where’s the mum and dad?? You need to show these aren’t milled!

Dwayne Lewis says:

Adzereastonfan, those fir adoption are usually puppies if those previously
adopted ones. Pedigrees usually get looked after better.

Katie Robertson says:

There so happy

Jahsiya Power says:

How much for one

Tiffany Chihuahuas says:

please visit our website for prices

ecekrt says:

The cutest puppies iv ever seen

nig nog says:

How much for four?

adzereastonfan says:

Why bring more dogs into this world? There’s 100000s of poor dogs in
kennels to re home and they all get put to sleep after 2 months if no one
re homes them!!!

Dwayne Lewis says:

Super cuties. :)

Jade Baptiste says:

How much

Tiffany Chihuahuas says:

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