Chihuahua Puppies for Sale

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Chihuahua Puppies for sale at Chihuahua World 22nd January 2013


Vanessa Montes says:

They are so very cute I want one

Petra Lukáts says:

Omg, they’re so cute!

Anastasia Bobkova says:

Super!!!! ))))

California Days says:

so cute !!

Helene Larocque says:

Hi have been looking for a little tiny chihuahua for 2 years now single mom but would like it very small not more than 3 pounds…a must…have 6 to 8 hundred to spend would be my baby looking for female can u hepl me….would be grately appreciated…or can contact me at 613 617 0255 helen or denis

Danielle Peralez says:

how old are they now and how much are they

UnworthyHumans says:

This is wrong on so many levels. You realize there are countless dogs wasting away in the pound just hoping someone comes to save them before they are murdered due to lack of space? How you could be so thoughtless and heartless to not even consider all the homeless dogs in the world. All you care about is filling your own pockets. You are definitely part of the problem and not the solution! Get a real job!

ihategayass says:

i want thw white one

Majestic Budder says:

I have one

Lucy Kelly says:

I have seen these pups and the shoe on Internet they are about £1500

Safeeya Hannah Bautista says:

Gosh!!! wish I could have one .lathe prob. Is allergic why : (

priscilla ch says:


padme skywalker says:

Ok how mutch

Kayla Dalke says:

I want one!!!

Olivia Lucas says:

Can I have the whitd one

debbie chaffin says:


sadsadas lpsandanimaljam says:

My chihuahua is long hair

sadsadas lpsandanimaljam says:

I have a long hair. I do not want to buy but I found this video both cute and entertaining

smithy jane says:

Sooooooo cute

james browner says:

We have got English Bulldog puppies for adoption now. Pups are 12 weeks old and have fantastic personalities. They have been fully vaccinated and are being wormed every two weeks. All are excellent examples of this wonderful breed. Both mom and dad are AKC registered. They are our family dogs with wonderful personalities and temperaments. Pups come with 3 generation pedigree certificates, also 4 weeks free insurance.Contact us via or text us at (226) 316-2848 for more info

traud43 says:

Bitte bitte bitte ich setzt davdann noch 10 Euro drauf bitte

traud43 says:

Der ganz weiße der zu dem in die blaue Box geht bitteeeeeee wie viel?!!

traud43 says:

Ein von den weißen bitte und wie viel?

fatehjot05 says:

I what to buy them

audryneconcepcion says:

How much ?

Steve Solo says:

The white one looks like the one I lost in an accident 8yrs old  and the sweetest happiest little guy. Ther were elderlyladies who would borrow him to take walks arouend. For sale?
Im a vet and pretty shot up and need a friend despritly. stevesolo16@gmail .com

chihuahuaworlduk says:

on my website

chihuahuaworlduk says:

On my website

Leslie Delgado says:

where can i find a little dome bed like that??

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