Chihuahua Puppies Startled By Dog’s Bark (in HD)

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awwww look at there lil butts……….. so cute

David Y says:


Jeremy Lewis says:


Sukanar says:

thats right! you tell cocoa to respect her elders! :D

Jamie Matheney says:

Haha, I’m holding my chihuahua in my lap, and everytime the chihuahuas bark
she just lays there but when the white dog barks she’s frantic looking

chighschool says:

My Chihuahua began to howl when he heard the puppies bark.

Toukie says:

0:17 the one behind is like “What the hell is your problem?”

LetMeComment1 says:

puppies shat emselves 0:02

Wolfgirl2help says:

the one closest to the camera is just like…ugh…

Linh Tran says:

The beginning was freaking funny!

puppydogism says:


john mattei says:

this is awesome!

pazzaheartxx says:

Muuuuumy muuumy help. Hes gone crazy! Lol

Rachel says:

Lol i wonder who’s going to be the feisty one :)

Moonlight PandaLeaf says:

the little cuties look just like my dog which i will be making a video about

pixiedawg556 says:

they must get annoying

buencaminojulia201 says:

lol are you a dog breeder? you have so many puppies! and they’re all
diffrent breeds :) i have a pomeranian and chihuahua here at home.both
boys. the pom is 10 years old(he grew up w/ me) and the chihuhuas 2 1/2.

animaljamandminecraf says:

by chance could the dog barking be a chorkie ( 90% Chihuahua 10% yorkie )

shannon10xx says:

aww bless they all jump bless them

MrArjay123 says:

Lmao I guess we know which dog is dominant



melissa perry says:

Hahaha funny and cute

BullydogProductions says:

I’m not the biggest fan of Chihuahua’s but god they look cute :)

pelinsu çınar says:

0:02 :) hahah.

bambiful says:

Cuteness overload!!

koolkat771 says:

how much dogs do you have???

Kev8428287 says:

awww cute bark

marclargirl says:

aww!! Its so cute!!! Liittle tuffy :D AWWW

hallie0444 says:

That’s so cute but that ones really noisey I had 4 yorkie pups they were
really quiet I have some videos of them on my channel

TheWritersShawdow says:

soooooo cute!

Masterjedi688 says:

LOLOL I love them. There so cute.

Kevin Garcia says:

like milatrty camp! lol

Jonhy667 says:

0:58 white Puppy : IN POSITION PRIVATES

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