Chihuahua puppy howling at 3 weeks

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This video shows a 3 week old chihuahua litter. The pups were taking a nap when in the distance the siren of an ambulance is heard… One of the pups, a fema…


cynthia yocute says:

How adorable I love chihuahuas but this one is so CUTE

Hina Ayanami says:

Awwwwwww a 3 month chihuahua howling howwww cute!!!!!!!!! And the mom
worried about if the puppy was hurt xD hahahahaha

mbofny says:

omgsooo cute!!!!!

Manuel Alvarado says:

That puppy girl has got quite a howl.

Icyfox68 says:

she wants mama

MissPinchy says:

That’s why I said I hope they were rescue pups as to give the benefit of
the doubt. There’s no question that they are cute and well-cared for, but
what happens after you give them away or sell them?(assuming you’re a
breeder) How many of these furbabies are in shelters after the cuteness
wears off, and the owners find no time for them? I volunteer for a breed
specific rescue, and the number of fosters far exceed the demand. Until the
shelters become empty, there’s no need to breed.

MindStage says:

@MissPinchy I don’t usually bother to reply to comments such as yours, who
apparently looks at the negative side of things. I mean, think about it,
you looking at an adorable set of very well cared for puppies, and all you
can do is bitch and flagrantly assume the worst, and to boot, have the
nerve to post your failed effort to sound like you actually do give a damn,
that I very much doubt just by reading your post. You should practice being
nice sometime, it could change your life..,

MindStage says:

Awwwww :P

MindStage says:

@MissPinchy Well, worry not for this chihuahua loving family, I had
chihuahuas all my life, and always will. This pups went to excellent
families. I am not a breeder and only let our pups breed on occasion, the
female is neutered now. There is a way to say things that does not sound so
self righteous or demeaning to the party that the comment is directed too,
you sound like you mean well and I respect that, just work on your social
skills a bit, it usually yields much better results…

MindStage says:

@kaylinsvlog :p she was, very good mom!

blackops6969 says:

she was trying to smother it, nice try

cindy barefield says:

my Chihuahua was tilting her head the hole time lol and she started too

Fiorella S says:

ooooooh:( so cute :( yes i did !!!

kaylinsvlog says:

poor moms all worried about the baby

MissPinchy says:

Hope these were all rescues. If not, then this is nothing more than
contributing to the animal population issue.

kickhoes231 says:

dumb Muts

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