chihuahua tricks agility freestyle…

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practicing some new tricks, some old.



Love your videos!

Maia Miller says:

whaty what now? LOLZZZ

Maia Miller says:


NancyTaylor28 says:

Can you make video on how you teach.

MISSLilyChan says:

amazing your doggy is so sweet!

cualquierotravara says:

Muy bueno, felicitaciones!!

Ella R says:

Your Chi Reminds me So Much of A Gazelle because of its long legs! I love it! <3

Random9816 says:

Nice work check out my video! Nd ur dog does such a good job wit the jumps dat u should raise the bar a little more. Really good job though!

Kerri Irwin says:

thank you for showing people that little dogs (like Chihuahuas) can be very well trained working friends, I love chi’s and there big hearts and how much they love there owners, have a well trained dog of any kind is a joy. Keep up the great work!

tonigwapa101 says:

OMG! I cried! I had a chihuaua like this but i never even trained him… :( ( I want him back!.. Nice video by the way!!!

Edwin Labja says:

omg, i love this video… i miss my lil baby now… :(

Rebaneller1955 says:

sooo cute

MissinGackt says:

Aww, that’s just so cute!!! My papillon learns very quick but not my Mini Dachshund, she takes forever to teach but always loves pleasing people.(well me…lol)

But their puppies are learning very fast too, they all have some personalities of a Papillon and a Dachshund.

realmadridfigo says:

awesome!!! keep up the great work.. and keep up uploading for us to see..

4PawsTV says:

Daisy says you’re amazing ;) )

TheBlackcatcreations says:

love it SO CUTE

jillybkul says:

This is SOOOOOOO cute! You two are a great pair.

breyercollecter2000 says:

i have a dog just like that except she is way smaller!(she’s a chiweenie rescue)

ElCarrier777 says:

Looks like a lot of fun, That is one cute and smart little dog. 

Karen Cook says:

that is so amazing!! You guys are awesome!! My chihauhuas are very hard to train. I find my larger dogs much easier! Very impressed!!

bberuska008 says:

co to je za rasu??

firepouya says:

Now does she do anything without treat??

kelpiemad100 says:

I just love this it is so perfect your dog is so special and the music is great . ihave watched it so many times just love your training please post lots more

Cleopatrastomb says:

Beautiful! This dog looks so like my Salome. who is also a very very smart Chihuahua

laksmi scalise says:

Great training. Totally enthralling video. Love it. Marcia Mello

zurdop says:

OMG…..thas just inspiring, I just got a Chichi my self, she is 4 months old, and she is starting to learn a couple tricks, but now after seeing u both, Im more than excited to try and teach her more….do u have any advice???….I wish I could be ur friend…and that our chichis were friends….

loveisnow2 says:

great dog, most chihuahuas just shiver and bite, takes alot of love to get them to trust you so well. great job.

4PawsTV says:

Clever dog! :)

21soke says:

hahahaha.. i have i chihuahua her name is pinky … i love your dog

LMAFO267 says:

You should go on petstar XDD

obisahottie says:

wow someone that actually TRAINED their chihuahua. you win in my book. so many people treat them like dolls >> lol

sinical10 says:

What a cutie-pie

ojimSHU01 says:

bravo!!! ^_^

amybabyrobot says:

This made me want to cry :’)

AbattoirDream says:

oh hes so cute!

Shruti Rattan says:

Oh Jeez!! tht ws amazing….funniest of all was from 1:56 – 2:03…lol…loved it…lots of hugs n kisses to tht lil criminal….

Car Wash Professional says:

Beautiful sweet soul. Thanks for sharing.

Irondo11 says:

This song makes me want to cry. All that love and patience and training I imagine deepens your relationship with your dog…

LukeOpulski says:

id say italian greyhound/chihuahua mix.

Blake Saters says:

yeah kinda tall dont u thinkl?

euniceahdz says:

Hey I always enjoy watching all ur videos I have 3 chis 2 girls 1 boy and I think chis are sooo smart but I don’t really have a lot of time to teach them a lot of things.. Do u do this for a living??

LukeOpulski says:

looks like a chihuahua mix, just saying.

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