Christmas Chihuahua

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This little chihuahua really doesn’t like being Santa Claus…


tijger007 says:

very cute

Noah Monroe says:

You guys that are saying this is mean, obviously you don’t know a
chihuahuas problems during the winter. It NEEDS something to keep it warm
or you’ll see it shake like hell. The boots are probably temporary, and are
for this snow. I dont see how you guys think a chihuahua wont be cold
during the winter. freezing its ass off

amanda wadding stapleton says:


zena805 says:

OMG! Skittles!! That dog looks just like my dog Skittles! that was SO cute,
the shoes were just plain funny (and Cute!)

Mason Muffin says:

rich people these days jjk

Solteratube says:

Nah, it doesn’t hurt them. Horses wave their legs in the air the first time
they get boots and wraps on, too. It’s a natural response, and they get
over it.

pinkhoody says:

Maybe it’s a mean dog. How do you know it’s sweet? Maybe it’s homicidal.

creativeinsomniac says:

Y’all need to hush up with that “aww that is so mean” crap. Y’know if you
have a chihuahua up north you pretty much have to get them to wear outfits
and boots if you’re gonna walk them outside. It ain’t hurting him, quit yer

AshleyReign1 says:

omg that may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen hehe, check out my little
guy in “chihuahua Christmas Caroler”, he has the same santa outfit but
without the shoes, he wouldn’t take it off all night haha.

SquabAttack says:

Aww!! That’s great!!…

Nha Nicholson says:

chihuahuas don’t like cold weather so in the winter or a rainy day you have
to put on them a shirt or something to keep them warm. If they are cold
they will sneeze a lot and their noses will be very wet which is not good
for them. If you don’t own a chihuahua or know nothing about this breed
please don’t say anything mean or you’ll become mean.

memmesdoggie says:

that is just mean!!

Rosy Lee says:

he looks like my babys.

vmbriggs1 says:

OMG get over it people… that’s friggin hillareous!!!!!

BayausS says:

O.O where is he/she from? my chihuahua is exactly the same jajaja really,
it has got the same colour and the same spot on her head!! awesome..

xxKitKatx1 says:

People. Chihuahuas HATE coldness. They could die depending On the Weather &
The Age. For example. I Was babysitting a 4 Week old Chihuahua Puppy for my
aunt. It litterly was shaking of the cold! (We were driving to New jeresy)
Anyway. My tip is to NOT let the Pups/Dogs that are ATLEAST simliar to
chihuahas out in the cold! I rather put atleast a blanket or Outfit like
that, :) I like dressing them up as anything as possible to keep them warm.

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