Dexter the funny chihuahua puppy falls asleep ! WA

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Poor dexter is so tired his head falls out of bed !! He has been playing with his toys and he climbs inside his little bed and falls asleep.


sarahthediva says:

What a cutie!! He needs a bigger bed though

ThirdOfJune4444 says:

Cute little guy! Wouldn’t he wake up with a nasty crick in the neck?

MsHolly30 says:

dexter reminds me of my moms cat when she was a kitten, so sweet!

spartonchick12 . says:

he looks exactly! EXACTLY! like my chihuahua

ChicaTheLadybug says:

My Chi would love that house! She crawls under things to sleep all the time.

JazminSaysFuckYou says:

aww so kutte

LelaFG says:

Owwww so cute.

MrGymnast12 says:

Oho my gosh that was hilarious!!! My little chihuahua looks like she just
done drugs when she’s extremely tired!

Edna Estrada says:


vidgirl4444 says:

awwwwwwwwww sooooo cute!! I got a chihuahua! check out her vids :)

DaisyGirlXOXO says:

AWE!!!!! how incredibly adorable! XOXO

xemrejn says:


mbofny says:


hellstorm702 says:

He lives in a shoe!!!!

JayDomination says:

lol my chi will fall asleep in any position. its messed.

thekas1212 says:

do u call him dxter because he loves the deck so much he uses it as a pillow

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