Dolphin gives Birth amazing – Dolphin Quest Hawaii High Definition best quality Sea world [HD]

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Dolphin birth captured underwater on video. Giving birth to baby dolphine. birth lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes. -A Dolphin quests, educational purposes and ep…


gambit channel says:

That was adorable but the blood

Sandy Blanket says:

If this took place at Sea World, they should be shut down!!! BLACKFISH!!!!

juliette destiny says:

wow im doing this for my homework that was amazing and these dolphins are

LOLCutie says:

Miracle of life lol

timhague55 says:

The baby was so cute

kameron maziel says:


newoakmedia says:

ur right on that ! :-)

AnnieATMJJ62 says:

So lovely!!

loveugirl222 says:

Aww the baby is so cute

Yvonne Li says:

They were standing in the dolphins blood!!!

newoakmedia says:

They will do that for 2 to 3 years… exactly copying the mothers
movements.. like “her shadow” ..

lo qiao wei says:

What a cute baby

newoakmedia says:

See, the baby Dolphin immediately ‘knows’ to go to the surface to get its
1st breath of air .. Wonderful :-)

TheeDelibird13 says:

They keep watch to make sure an animal that lives in water….stays
hydrated. Okay then and people complain about the government people still
getting paid when there doing nothing…

Andreea madalina doll says:

OMG br ;) but is soo beautiful video ….love it dear …thank you soo much
…ya is a beautiful surprise :) ) ehehee !!!!

JayJay Blue says:

This is not any ordinary birth this is less scary and more cute. The baby
is so cute. So precious

newoaknl says:

Often ‘animals’ in nature dont ‘show pain or hurt’ cuz then they become
‘pray’. Its instinct, they have probably but they dont show it.

thecandykissme says:

Awesome video!! :)

22dag says:

OMG !! The miracle of life that’s awesome to watch…

chris cubias says:

Wow he just came out of there and he could swim

Marilyn Edwards says:

When blood came out I was scared sharks will come!

sakuracandy104 says:

awwww the miracle of life

xstephsmithx says:

Aww amazing x

Chris Houtkooper says:

The people filming this are swimming around in placenta and blood…

kooksc craddock says:

stages of me: 1 come on get out already. 2 oh oh oh gross that must have
hurt. 3 is the blood ever going to stop. 4

kameron maziel says:


kidakrasia says:

wow that was amazing!

Sanda Spicmiler-Lewis says:

I love mom’s first shove, like it says “we made it, hurry on up!” — and
like they were ‘talking’ to each other already while the baby was in the
body, they know what they are doing. Even the little fishies swimming
around seem involved. Thank you, for always sharing inspiring,
life-affirming material! You help set my heart in the riht place,
especially whe it gets out of sync with too much work. xo from NOLA

SabryJackson says:

the dolphins are beautiful

A297MAN104 says:

Fantastic Video….Beautiful to watch…..Wonderful….regards….Dave

Erin Empleo says:

Its pink

Monsterlette Addams says:

I cannot believe the stupidity of the people or this Dolphin Quest animal
enslavers. Let the dolphin give birth on her own. That’s how she does it in
the wild. Oh but you wouldn’t know about that because you’re standing in a
6′ tall tub of water 12 inches in front of a mother dolphin giving birth in
a dirty metal tank of filthy water. What an idiot!

vallieegirl says:

I was wondering the same thing. I know I didn’t feel like swimming after I
had my kids! Nature is incredible!

vallieegirl says:

This was amazing! Thank Newoakni!

SwimIntoMyOcean says:

OMG!!! Isn’t it really so amazing how nature out of its own has everything
prepared and ready?..Its so weird but those little creatures ..they just
know..its there..and they re trying their best!!..Its wonderful to see the
miracle of birth..either its human or animals..It just gives me the chills.
The bond of the mother and her little one is simply

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