HILARIOUS famous teacup chihuahua REFUSES to share beef jerky! very funny!

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http://www.famouschihuahua.com teaka the famous chihuahua REFUSES to share her beef jerky! watch as famous chihuahua gets snarly and even growls at mamma, th…


Gman says:

Discipline it. That’s not healthy behavior.

amyisonline says:

LOL my chihuahua cross jack russell does that xD its so funny when shes
eating and growling, it sounds like ‘nomnomnomnom’

erick cristobal says:

looks like sh*t…………..

chiknhawk90701 says:

Lol, cute vid

BrightonGirl says:

should not be growling at you, OWN the food

white3choco says:

lol funny my chihuahua gets like dat SOOO much!!♥♥♫

Susan McMurdo says:

It’s good to see you, Teaka. Glad to see that Mom is keeping up with the
treats. Love and kisses.

Gman says:

My chihuahua does this to me. All i do is take it and he submits.Very cute.

Whazzup1023 says:

hahah she is like my dog check out my video of my dog he was refusing to
share also

leoamar4385896 says:

the moment my dog starts growling over food I take it away from him!

Ren Tanaka says:

tat a pretty cute growl!!!

csivegasfreak says:

i love love love that Martina is in the background!!!

Kristin Turnbow says:

She’s cute. teacups do not exist. they are myth started by puppy millers
and back yard breeders to get uninformed people to pay twice as much for
the runt of the litter.

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Teaka is cute! She doesn’t want to share her treat!!! Our Tommy is
possessive over food too! :) ♥Tommy the Chihuahua & Gracie the Cat♥

jennietran10 says:

omg my dog looks like that and he is a chihuahua and whenever i go near him
when he’s eating, he growls at me

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