How to Potty Train a Puppy

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Close We will tell you straight up: if you think that potty training a new puppy once takes throwing a stack of newspaper at him, you have i…


Brittany Ferrell says:

“Put him in a small pot” Hahaha!

Madelynn Giles says:

when someone says, ‘ here is step 8.’ I think the number 8 should be on the
screen, and not 7.

LuckyPetDeals says:

▶ How to Potty Train a Puppy – YouTube

TheOfficiallyAdrian says:

thx recently got a new puppy helped a lot

Anthony Martinez says:

My daughter potty train her Pomeranian♥★♥♥♡★♥

Fiona Fay says:

Omg whoever took a photo of a chihuahua inside a toilet bowl is a cunt


said 8 but showed 7 ha gayyyyy

Sean Prior says:

What if you dont have a big enough pot? Does walmart carry any?

Eva LadyLove says:

Very helpful.. thanks..! :)

Aruna Aluthge says:


sims3freak says:

lets just say im not going to be watching any more ways & how vids :)

David Bailey says:

3:36 Fail

John Wayne says:

somewhere in this you mentioned pot ahahah

miryeaalamo says:


7MaryD7 says:

start at 2:44 for a good laugh. Other than a few minor errors from lack of
editing, I thought this was an excellent and helpful video. Thanks for

kfunkdeluxe says:

This video is so badly edited and put together

vivian rose says:

same :)

Alex Dekelbaum says:

Horrible editing

YES says:

lol on #7 the girl said 8 haha

charlie9161 says:

uploaded on my birthday…. LOL

simona96341 says:

bad vid needs fixn haha

Julie J says:

Check out StartPotty. com For potty training tips without stress Does not
require a structured method.

odessamae2003 says:


Crystal W says:

Very helpful

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