How to Wrap a Miniature Chihuahua for christmas

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Just having fun :) i saw the cat for this and i thought my chihuahua phoebe would be a sufficient stand in :P i just started filming and editing, so im sorry…


candace mase says:

I want a Chihuahua, especially a tea cup like that one or long haired or I don’t know

Emelie Tellebro says:


michelledanielvillar says:

Cute. Love the pink clogs. Lol u need a bow.

jason nguyen says:

I love chihuahuas! Your dog is so relaxed.

Kreszentia Bichlmaier says:

OMG, this dog is such a cutie! AND smaller than any of my 4 cats, LOL! What a patient dog you have! You DO realise, however, that she thinks you are insane! Anyway, well done! I’m going to share this with several friends!

EjVasquezVideos says:


VictoriaFame456 says:

Are you crazy you don’t rap a dog into paper you’re lucky it didn’t get a heart attack !

djnieto45 says:

I love teacup chihuahuas;)

RandomShiiiitxx says:

4:25 ”Help me….”

Joey Regtop says:

Does this work with French Bulldogs too?

patricia oconnor says:

aww this is the 3rd time watching this video already!! your chihuahua is so cute!! :O :D and plus, I have a chihuahua too! CHIHUAHUAS RULE!!! @Lauren Reader

curtisdarby16 says:

Y dose it matter if she wrapped her dog for Christmas thats the flippin cutest thing ever n the dog was just fine it wasnt in pain it was calm it didnt even care

Lauren Reader says:

how about you suck my dick for christmas

camofloj says:

It is called buying a box are you trying to kill it and the person will get a dead dog for x mass

Lauren Reader says:

They’re so cute, and have really nice personalities if you get the right breed :)

Angievillegas16 says:

Im so getting a mini chiuaua for x-mas

TheSallyKiki says:

Oh!! Your Chihuahua is really cute <3

scnickerson says:

This is so cute! Don’t let stupid remarks ruin your day, this was simply adorable! I may do the same thing with my chihuahua :-)

Lauren Reader says:

I know! She’s a really gentle dog, not like normal chihuahuas. Your dog sounds really cute :)

MissKitteeney says:

I am amazed she sat still all of that time! My chihuahua would be twirling around trying to “catch” the paper.

Lauren Reader says:

hehe, thankss :3 xo

PottsProngs says:

You’re adorable and so is the dog :D !

ThePitChiChannel says:

Aww…thanks for the lesson ill certainly try that!!!LOL

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