JuneBug Boxer 2nd Puppy

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This video is Part 2 of a Playlist of 10 videos showing the birth of the puppies through their age of 6 weeks! Warning: This may be disturbing to some people…


Sergey Kagansky says:

paulo diogo says:
chaundell goodman says:

That was so nasty

caliwunder441 says:

ew all over your bed

Squishyruler0922 says:

lost my appetite

Tam bri says:

Are you people crazy?? I’m pretty sure that is a birthing area, not
someone’s bed. And yes, puppies poop & the mother cleans it up for a while.
I think this is awesome!! This is how it really is.

Amanda Lin says:

Is that poop? 0:52??

Nguyên Lê says:

so cute <3

Anthony Guillen says:

after the pup poops the mom its it pay attention

Ahmarion Hayes says:

Finally a mom giving birth and it is more than one puppy

TheThBros says:

0:52 is that a poop ??

Syn Villa says:

how many did she give birth??

Roman Hopp says:

Eww but cute little pup

Roman Hopp says:

The pup is saying get me out mom

Ashley Donoghue says:

Some thing coming out of puppy’s asshole poo don’t think so ?

Ashley Donoghue says:

0.52 did the puppy poop?

dariusgonzalez99 says:

Do you hear the pup

MrDogcatbird says:

I mean that’s gross!!

DuskAngel249 says:

What did he/she say?

Dan Martinez says:

Yuk :(

David Whyham says:

did she eat her own umbilical cord? holy moly wtf

Richard Thompson says:

no one eles noticed but the baby pooped

Brittany LeRoy says:

Can I ask why you put collars on them as soon as they are born?

Shania Shaw says:

What the fuck

Kiara Mitchell says:

Eww…its gross but the pups are cute

MrDogcatbird says:

That dog is nasty

TacThunder says:

hungry for some dog fetus?

Mckenzie Hurt says:

To clean them

Antimeny Fernandez says:

So cute

derp derpity says:

It is “an ambiotic sac common to all dog births”. It says it in the
description. What that is? I have no idea :)

V1D30F1N says:


Joo Ch says:

Why this dog giving birth by standing and not siting

naldus1 says:


Jesse Pinkman says:

you just let that happen all over your bed?

Elizabeth Mora says:

on the couch sireo 0.0

DarkOmega25 says:

I want to be a breeder when I grow up… Its so sweet seeing a newborn puppy

John Schuman says:

w-w-why am i watchin dis o.o 0:52 Puppy’s 1st shit! xD

ATgruppe80 says:

placenta nom nom nom nom

DJmcWAFFLE2 says:

I literally went like this 8(___) for the whole video

yourmom705 says:

ouch that must hurt

kevinjohnsBP says:

Because they eat the sac and they r cleaning them

Gehin Nom says:

eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww! O.O aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww ^-^

Dakota Martindale says:

umbilical cord = Chew toy

Kawaii Tardis says:

at first i thought it was an alien but when the clear sac thing was off it
was pretty cute

CheMMist says:

So adorable :)

Stone Rose says:

ha.. new little puppy in a package

thefunkys92 says:

I have 2 of these

fuumar Hudson says:

Puppies :) !

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