Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

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Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers SUBSCRIBE: A BRAZILIAN family have taken the trend for exotic pets to new extremes. Not content with the standard…


Barcroft TV says:

Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

A Brazilian family have taken the trend for exotic pets to new extremes.
Not content with the standard pooch or moggy, the Borges brood have been
sharing their home with a pack of SEVEN tigers. Aryas Borges, began his
love affair with tigers when he found two of the big cats living in a bad
state at a circus — and decided to bring them home. His daughters Nayara,
20, Uyara, 23, and Deusanira, 24, grew up sharing their meals, beds and
playtime with the fully-grown predators and walking them on a leash. And
Nayara, a real-life female Tarzan, regularly hops into the family swimming
pool to take a dip with her furry friends.

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Samson Okoro says:

Many are insane but few are roaming.

justinjacques766 says:

Rafael looks like that bad guy from Titanic lol

Connor White says:

Its all fun and games until you say ” where did Anne go”

philiq18 says:

The tigers would be better off in a sanctuary.

bestest87 says:

It is clearly stated that the cats were rescued from an abusive circus
environment. They never learned the skills of hunting or survival like any
wild tiger would have. The only way they can survive is with what they’re
used to: captivity.

If the family took the tigers from the wild, that would not be okay. 

sorriaejogue says:

Dat ass

Holly Martin says:

Poor tigers. Tigers are not fucking house pets. 

chocoboyc says:

WTF is this! Brazilians are nuts man! I know nature love and all but fuck.
7 Tigers! Rafael her husband is the only guy who has some fuckin sense!
Imagine if the Tiger sees fear in Rafael, ironically it could be because of
him that the tiger works on his instinct and fuckin massacres the entire
brood, this is crazy, nuts. 

LookAtMyFace says:

Fucking imbeciles, tigers aren’t meant to be pets. They belong in the wild.

DarkWater4Eva says:

dude had a slight heart attack at the end and trying to play it off

ellaphx says:

Hope the morons get mauled to death. 

Frankie Saunders says:

that woman should be like – ‘love me, love my tigers’

ThePersistenT says:

RIP to the family. The tigers had broke free from their chains at night and
mauled the family to death. they were announced dead today at 3:00 p.m. RIP
may our prayers reach out to the victims.

Makoto Tachibana says:

life of pi confirmed

Bob Belson says:

These people are foolish. The tiger WILL maul or kill one of them if they
keep it in the home long enough

DeityFree Dee says:

This is insane. You do not put a wild great cat in your home and treat it
like a pet. These are TIGERS. Fucking A! I love tigers. They are the
coolest most awesome animals on the planet. But that little girl or that
little dog–that’s a chew toy for one of these big cats. And ultimately
the cat will be destroyed for just deciding one day to act like what it
is; a TIGER.

Shreya Mandavi says:

My question is.
Which foolish country licensed a tiger as pet.
Dumbass country.

Raza Urrahman says:

Who the fuck allows wild animals in a residential area??

lozzymagoo says:

You people are an absolute disgrace!!!! Your little pet tiger is kept on a
leash at all times. Exactly how is that fair?! And apparently the tiger has
been rescued from a circus, but it looks to me like he’s just moved into
another one.
Your daughter “regularly swims with him” Oh really?…. you mean she rides
on his back while you pull him around by his neck. TOSSERS!!!!

Emette Muse says:

Social Darwinism is in order…. I’ll mail the death certificates.

Aaren Goodnough says:

Didn’t say those three women are his daughters so at the end of that film
when his arm is around one of the girls & his hand is resting on her breast
unless that’s his wife or girlfriend and the narrator didn’t introduce her
there’s a bigger problem in that household than just the tigers…

Red Shield says:

I don’t know if this is such a great idea. I’d love to visit them though. 

Trevaun Taylor says:

Seerica 85. It was more joke than a over the top racist comment but u do
make a point. However, this isn’t a clip of 9/11 I’m posting something
stupid on about white people. Or the Boston marathon or something serious.
If you want to engage someone and be a crusader on a mission to correct
ignorance, why don’t you scroll to one of Emmet Til’s clips or any recent
footage of the serious issues and speak up? 

Rebekah Anne says:
Nicholas Wolfe says:

On the upside for him, when his daughters boyfriends come calling, he has a
fairly epic threat to level in their direction.

Sriharish Padmanabhan says:

just a question of time….

Preston Carvallo says:

Where does he get the money to feed 7 tigers?

Hannah Rose says:

I hate the circus and people who abuse and torture animals of all kinds and
think it’s wonderful he rescued these tigers. But it would be a million
times better if the animals had a huge sanctuary to live in or released
back into the wild where they can be free and not feel like a slave. We
have the hearts of tigers. All wish to roam free. But at least they’re
loved. :) 

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