Long Hair Chihuahua Giving Birth

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Our almost 2 Years old Long Hair Chihuahua Shalena Victoria Giving birth to her 2 sons. Used Innocense By avril lavigne As a “Voice Over” Because as she was …


MyssShawttiiDee says:

@dannylover2424 aww really… : ]

MyssShawttiiDee says:

Thanks :D

GoodTimesMuch says:

We just found out my Saffie is pregnant, she’s a derpy little dog (tongues
too big for her mouth) and we’re worried she’s too small to give birth!
We’re really scared ):

classconstipated101 says:

Your dog looks like a white version of my chi!! Except it’s a little

MyssShawttiiDee says:

well, she needed help because she was having a really hard time giving
birth. So therefore for the first one as you can see, came out feet first.
He kept going in and out so when it was half way out we kinda helped her
until it was almost all the way out and we let her do the rest.

dannylover2424 says:

My doggy is like IDENTICAL to urs :)

NotSoGirly1 says:

My moms a dog breeder…. Awww I like cookie monster

EmoPopTartNinja says:

@MyssShawttiiDee AWWWWWWW

MyssShawttiiDee says:

@GoodTimesMuch She should be fine. We were really scared for our long hair
chihuahua too when she first gave birth…we were scared that the pups
might get stuck or something…if anything should go wrong…she might have
to do a c-section?…bestest of luck to your lil Saffie :]

LIXT3R says:

My chihuahua had 5 babies but 2 died

LionGoddess1 says:

since when do dogs need help having a litter?

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