Los Gallitos de Chihuahua -En Vivo- 28/09/14 Temoris, Chihuahua

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Fiestas Tradicionales San Miguel Arcangel 2014 Témoris, Chihuahua, México.


Mael AM says:

Se ve que si saben bailar. Animo paisano!!

statenmh123 says:

I smell money these n***** n***** that got that dang f*** around with these
Mexicans you end up in the river look at them n***** shoes custom made and
we not talking about a hundred dollars boots like that go for like 700 to
1000 and more ooops don’t get kicked by one of them you could die cheese is
made with pure steel or pure gold I’m not Mexican but I got a lot of
Mexican friends que Viva Mexico from Puerto Rico

silvestre valenzuela amaya says:

puro tepoca viejones — andele compa cheo.

Antolin Lopez says:

Como recuerdo ese lugar

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