Lucy my Chihuahua puppy barking

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Lucy is barking, growling, and playing with Brandon.


Drag0nPrincesS says:

I think he is mad, because he thinks that fart sounds are rude :3

zlkp1234 says:

mine is cuter

paulburnsuk145 says:

my chihuahua is so cuter than all of yours so hahaha beat that lol

Pranay Shetty says:

@lpslover88 she doesnt just spit she farts! again at 0.18

kalElx says:

i love your chihuahua

Sierra Buckley says:

Lol I live in florida too!

Sims247 says:

My dog looks the same accept his body is white and has a lot of black spots!

AutumnxDay says:

Are chihuahua’s violent?

xViciousVixenx says:

aww thats so freaken cute! i have a rat terrior/Chihuahua and he cries with
me if i cry. or if i tease him he gets really mad. i think its the
Chihuahua breed, cuz none of my other dogs do it…

iatemeatwad says:

ha ha awesome, farty noises drive him mad

Chocolatepug says:

Not one of my beloved pugs but ccccuuuuuuttee!!!

01Caroline says:

aw haha

charytamo69 says:

the chihuahua is soooooooooo cute

Sykedhorse says:

First I want to say that is an incredibly cute Chihuahua but I personally
wouldn’t encourage this behavior. Yeah it’s cute to see a little puppy
chihuahua do this but most people fail to realize the puppy will grow up to
think barking unnecessarily is ok. This is just my opinion. I currently
have a 9 week old puppy who is in the process of being crate trained and

ilovemath11 says:

That is adorable!

kassoxo says:

GORGEOUS i miss mine :(

whatthepoopo says:


CandyappleAbbey says:

OMG I am SOOO IN LOVE! I have a Chihuahua named Lucy, too…and now I want
her to be a puppy again!!

lpslover88 says:

at 0:04, she spit at the camera xD

patdnum1fanthelen says:

aww that cat wants to play to lol

ivaraska says:


sophie b says:

i have one of them

jessicahongphan says:

soooo funny and kewl!!

rollerfan222 says:

the cat is gorgeous

Stephania Vazquez says:

haha awww howw cute.

gotthkid2 says:

@DAVIDTV101 chihuahua dog’s stay small.

SeQuSiiMaLa says:

omg sooooo cute!!! love it :D

XxIcEpRiNcEsSiNxX says:

why do you miss your dog? =(

mbss28 says:

love it love it love it..was it reacting to the peekaboo game or
specifically to the “fart” sound..just curious

MetalMayh3m says:

Lol. You live in Florida! I heard, “where shopping is a pleasure.” xD
Publix. Ahaha.

123xOxAnGeLxOx123 says:

haha that was so cute

tokeydido says:

How adorable! Especially when she crouched right down. SO cute. The cat is
adorable, too!

bigkrisp says:

Nice chihuahua Video check my chihuahua videos…

CIELinTheClouds says:

no,depending how you train them

mEegz11y says:

aww i want a puppy like that so badly

ilovemydogs0112 says:


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