Micro Teacup Chihuahua White Male for sale ~ Baby Casper Boutique teacup puppies

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feliza lopez says:


feliza lopez says:

It is so cute tho~ cx

valeria2009esa says:

You have it

MMDFabiola Hernandez says:

That’s so adorable I might get one

Tuck Woodie says:

that would be my little row dog

Kim Chi Nguyen says:

I watched this because I have a chihuahua.

cjap64 says:

Do you have a website?

Nikki90222 says:

agh hes so adorable i want him so bad

Krystal Florencio says:

do you still have a puppy im looking to buy a puppy

brandy123vedarte says:

I have one my dog gave birth to 3 white ones and 1 light brown and white
with black spots

Kathy Park says:


Maryelizabeth Pangan says:


jmslabastida says:

It looks really angry when you put him or her aside but a bit cute

infamouskong says:

At 1:42, it looks like you were gonna stick your thumb up its butt

marquezkathy11 says:

I want one!!!!

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