Miniature Chihuahua Barking

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This is Pulga (spanish for “flea”). She is a six year-old chihuahua that weighs less than 3 pounds.


derpy sel says:

Not all miniature Chihuahua’s look like that….. :P I own one, she dosent look like that

keymankeys1960 says:

lol man that is too cute

stevesgirl8812 says:

Omg too freaking cute

Rose Garcia says:

Ugly ass fukin dog

Michelle Alexander says:

Me neither sting tail

sting tail says:

i did not know that rat’s could bark

Gbng4264 says:

How cute!!!!!!!

jesusisrisen7 says:

No wonder she’s so stupid. Look at her username!xDDD

yalianis quintana says:

i have a deer head and shes not agressive at all shes very very playfull and sweet u should get a deer head

VampooH says:

i have a video like this on my channel

TheDard555 says:


puroguanajuato1000 says:

Where did you get pulga?? i want one just like him

shastity cruz says:

i have a miniature chihuahua but he is aggressive dog, but i got him from pspca. but i like your dog. my is male.

kaffalp says:

what about the apple head and the deer head?

wizards2able says:

so cute!

avrilgiova says:

cazzo te strilli senza motivo? ._.

coolevonderschule says:


allenzy321 says:

this is so cute

MissKitteeney says:

Wow, she is really tiny! Great colors. Where did you get her?

Nikolai2999 says:

0:27 i hear a pikmin

TheLunarCop says:

I’m sorry to hear that, but coacoa actualy lives in your heart. As long as you remeber she will always

wv02m says:

Sweet I lov mine too don’t know what I would do if I were to lose mine.

Kira M says:

I had chihuahua before I miss you coacoa :(

reg regregre says:

there is no such as thing as “miniature cihuahua”, there’s only two types of chihuahua long haired and short haired. Gosh get it right!

Jack Parry says:

this isn’t a dog. its a dogs dinner.

veronicapza says:

she barks like a squishy toy!!! haha

gixxer450 says:

Who the heck would dislike this?!

imfreakingAWESOM1000 says:


Katie Chan says:

sorry i said nearly the same thing:)

Katie Chan says:


imfreakingAWESOM1000 says:


Nancy Gee says:

I just love her ! Is she cuddly and affectionate when she is not barking?

mgenty2k5 says:

that is the whimpiest bark ever!

longhaul81 says:

she has beautiful eyes! I love it pls post more vids for us to enjoy xoxo

TheMgalind says:

ew its eyes lol

RJ Rye says:

aaahhh! i remember my dog

RJ Rye says:

hahahahahahaha! xD stupid dog!

dozerman90 says:

look’s like itæs getting a whiplash everytime it barks :’D
and when you close up, and you see the head from the side, he’s like:

“you talkin’ to me?!”

soo cutee :3<3

dozerman90 says:

look’s like it’s getting a whiplash everytime it barks :’D
sooo cutee! :3 <3

WeLoveOurDogs22 says:

Soooo darn cute!!!!

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